Best Toast POS Alternatives and Competitors – 2024
Explore the best Toast POS competitors and alternatives in 2024. Discover robust solutions for your business needs beyond the Toast Point of Sale system.
Publishing date 01/18/2024
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Considering alternatives to Toast? Here’s a look into the top features of the Milagro POS system that’s built for restaurants, and how it compares to the competition.

Toast’s Restaurant POS Software and Its Performance Relative to Competitors

It’s not always easy to see how POS software providers are different from each other, so we’re going to explain the differences—and where Milagro is exceptional.

We’ll explore why restaurants often switch to Milagro SmartPOS from other POS software tools, and how Milagro’s features compare to the industry as a whole. Use this information to think about your POS needs and goals, and consider your options carefully. It’s a significant investment, and you want to make sure you’re choosing something that will be effective for your business in the long term.

Milagro: Best Toast alternative considering key features and services

Compared to other industry leaders, Milagro has a few key areas where it stands out. One is its wide range of digital ordering capabilities, including access to online ordering and the Milagro Takeout app. Milagro also provides a seamless experience for restaurant patrons, who can use Order & Pay to manage their service from a table-specific QR code.

Another important difference is that Milagro offers 24/7 customer service availability on all of its plans, while many competitors only offer on-demand support for higher price tiers. Milagro prioritizes the day-to-day restaurant experience and understands the time-sensitive nature of many potential issues. If a problem arises, its restaurant clients know there’s a reliable support team ready to assist via email, live chat, or phone. Many restaurant owners choose Milagro to avoid an upcharge for this standard service offering.

Finally, here are the reasons why to switch Milagro from others, including Square, Toast, Touchbistro, and Clover. Milagro was specifically built for the restaurant industry. Since Milagro is tailored to restaurant owners, everything from the feature list to the onboarding process is designed with restaurant goals and constraints in mind.

Comparison Between Toast and Top Competitors

Many people who try alternatives to Toast often end up choosing a best-fit platform for a better experience. We’ll explore three main competitors – Milagro, Micros, and Square – to understand which one should be preferred. Let’s take a look at the top Toast competitors.

Toast vs. Milagro 

Milagro is a best choice for the restaurant industry. It’s designed specifically for restaurant owners and provides the durability and 24/7 customer service expected in the industry. The system is tailored to address unique challenges in the food and beverage sector and offers various features such as online ordering, 3rd party delivery integrations, loyalty programs, gift cards, restaurant management, CDP and employee management, and high-quality hardware options. Additionally, it’s all cloud-based, providing restaurateurs with analytics to support their growth and adding new features constantly.

Toast is a software designed for restaurants, offering a limited range of features and integrations. Additionally, Toast includes an online ordering system tailored for restaurants.

Toast vs. Micros

Toast is highlighted as a superior choice compared to Micros in various aspects. Toast offers 24/7 support services, real-time cloud-backed reports, optimized online ordering, free software updates, and simple menu edits with instant push. In contrast, Micros lacks similar support, charges for updates, support, and hosting, and has shifted focus away from restaurant clients. As a result, Toast is presented as the ultimate replacement for Micros in the restaurant industry.

Toast vs. Square

Square falls short in comparison to Toast in terms of real-time reporting, 24/7 support, and instant menu updates. Additionally, Square lacks integration with key partners and has not evolved with the modern restaurant atmosphere. In contrast, Toast is a more comprehensive tool for the restaurant industry, easily integrating with over 70 partners crucial for restaurant clients. 

4 Other Best Alternatives to Toast for Restaurant POS


Similar to Toast, Lightspeed is designed for the restaurant industry and provides 24/7 support. While it may be suitable for restaurants using existing hardware, it doesn’t match the durability of Toast’s restaurant-grade hardware solutions. However, Lightspeed lacks accounting integration and advanced reporting. In the current online-focused restaurant environment, Lightspeed also charges additional fees for online ordering tools, whereas Toast includes its top-tier online ordering tools as part of its standard offering.


TouchBistro is a system installed locally, suitable for restaurants preferring non-cloud-based software. However, similar to Lightspeed, online ordering is an additional paid feature for all plans, requiring an upsell to meet current consumer expectations.


Upserve is another choice offering 24/7 support tailored to the restaurant industry. Some clients praise its reporting features. However, reviews are divided on whether Upserve reporting is exceptional or subpar, so it’s important to compare its offering to your specific reporting needs before making a decision. Similar to other options, online ordering is an additional paid feature for Upserve clients, so it might not be suitable for those seeking an all-in-one solution.


Clover is one of the rare alternatives to Toast that provides online ordering capabilities as part of its standard offering. However, Clover needs a third-party app to synchronize information between the front-of-house and back-of-house, and its software is only compatible with Clover-provided tablets.

How does Milagro stand in comparison as an alternative?

Milagro is one of the many alternatives to Toast in the market. Each alternative has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. To find the best POS provider, it’s important to explore the capabilities of Milagro and compare them with others in the market.

Why Restaurants Should Consider Switching to Milagro from Toast POS Systems

Here’s a list of Reasons

  • All-in-one POS system with 14 additional restaurant tools
  • Faster service through swift order and payment processing
  • Cloud-based access for owners and managers to view data anytime, anywhere. 
  • Easy setup and user-friendly software
  • Open integrations with top industry partners
  • Transparent pricing and competitive rates on all transactions
  • No hidden fees or extra markups
  • Single point of contact for both payment and point of sale

Additional Milagro Features

Tableside Service

Milagro offers handheld technology tailored for fast-paced restaurants, allowing servers to focus on guests and streamline payment processing. Key features include instant order notifications, tableside payment acceptance, and immediate guest feedback collection and response.

Analytics & Reporting

Milagro enables restaurant owners and managers to manage performance through comprehensive analytics. The cloud-based system offers access to crucial reports and sales data from any location and device.

Menu Management

Easily update menus from any terminal or connected smartphone. Real-time item countdowns help servers avoid awkward customer conversations. Features include cloud-based menu access and modification, item availability management, and automatic synchronization of menu updates for in-house and online platforms.


In conclusion, when considering alternatives to Toast for restaurant POS, it’s important to evaluate each system’s unique features and services. Lightspeed, TouchBistro, Upserve, and Clover each have their strengths and weaknesses. However, Milagro stands out with its all-in-one POS system, swift order and payment processing, cloud-based access, user-friendly software, open integrations, transparent pricing, and additional features like tableside service, comprehensive analytics, and menu management. Ultimately, the choice of a POS system should align with your restaurant’s specific needs and goals. Remember, it’s a significant investment that can impact your business’s long-term success.

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