Phone Service

Complete phone service including local and long distance, phone numbers, call routing and any custom solutions required to make your operation perform at peak efficiency

Phone Service

Included Features of Milagro Phone System

Everything you need to look professional at no additional cost

Unlimited Voicemail

Unlimited Voicemail

Every extension can have its own voicemail

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemails via email

Call Recording

Call Recording

Recording inbound, outbound, internal calls or all calls

call waiting

Call Waiting

Enable or Disable it as it fits your needs

3-way Calling

Bring multiple people into a single call with ease

auto attedent

Auto Attendant

Sales press 1, support press 2, accounting press 3

conference room

Conference Rooms

Audio Conference calls when you want to bring a big group together instantly

Music on Hold

Use it as commercials on hold for new announcements

Find Me / Follow Me

Never miss an important call by allowing the phone system to find you on any device

call parking

Call Parking

Traditional call hold to allow calls to be transferred to anyone in the office

Group Phonebook

Quickly and easily create all of your contacts and save time dialing manually

Unlimited Extensions

Unlimited Extensions

Start with few extensions and grow globally

virtual office

Virtual Office

Create virtual offices in an instant to grow service areas

Customized Ring Groups

Ring any number of extensions and customize

caller id

Caller ID

Both inbound and outbound Caller ID

virtual office

Nationwide Coverage

No limitations, coast-to-coast coverage

customised call rounting

Customized Call Routing

Bring all of your office into a single office to ensure you never miss an opportunity



Especially important for all medical or emergencies to work like a traditional system


In a single click, see all of your business analytics data such as missed calls, # of inbound, outbound calls, which IVR options users are selecting the most, which user groups are answering the most amount of calls and see which users are most active. Actionable data to use and rate the health of your organization’s phone traffic at your fingertip.

Built-in Text

Built-in Text Messages

Your wish list of what text messages could be. Powerful features such as templates to quickly reply, private notes to collaborate with teammates, scheduling future text messages to be sent, auto replies with text when you miss a call, after hours text messages and more superpower.

Desk phone, Web Phone, Mobile app

Built-in web phone to allow you to make and receive calls right from your computer. No hardware needed. Login and start making calls from anywhere!

Desk phone

We don’t like to brag about it but this phone system is on fire, get the extinguisher.

fill out the form so we can mail you a fire extinguisher.

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Phone System and Phone Service, simplified for you

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One company, nationwide service, and support

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100% uptime guarantee, yup, no outages

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powerful analytics to optimize your operation

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centralize your online ordering and catering to reduce the burden on local stores

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the internet goes down?

Because the phone service is cloud-based, a reliable internet connection is required. If the internet is down, you are unable to make or receive calls. We do offer a 100% up-time guarantee internet service, SmartCONNECT to solve this problem.

You can also forward your calls to another location or an alternative number.

Does your phone service include the phone system?

Yes, traditionally you had to purchase your own phone system and hardware and then buy phone service which was your dial tone, the phone number, local and long-distance. With Milagro, your restaurant phone service and phone system are combined into one.

For more information about the phones, visit our phone system page

Is there any additional fees for added features?

No, all features are included in your service without any additional fees. You are welcome to use any or all of the features to make your business operation more efficient.

Should you need any help, we love collaborating and finding new ways to use our technology to help restaurants

Do you provide nationwide service?

Yes, we do offer nationwide service anywhere in the United States.

We do not provide any services internationally.

Can we keep all of our existing phone numbers?

Yes, all of your existing numbers will be ported and you can keep all existing numbers for all locations.

How does support work?

Should there be any issues or if you need to make changes to your phone system, you can your own DIY portal available 24×7 or you may contact one of our support team members to help you make changes for you or collaborate with you on features.