Too busy to
answer customer calls?

We understand that running a restaurant is tough and you can’t always answer every call. But when you miss a call from a potential customer, they will order from your competitor. That’s why we created Milagro SMS, a Smart Messaging Solution that turns phone calls into online actions.

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Milagro SMS automatically sends text messages to your callers with link to order online, get directions, make reservations and more. You can increase your online orders, reduce your hold time, and improve your customer satisfaction. Milagro SMS customers see up to 80% of their phone calls converted to online actions! Restaurants that use Milagro SMS get more orders and happier customers.

What Milagro SMS can do for your restaurant:

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Increase your online orders and revenue by not missing any phone calls

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Reduce hold times and labor costs

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Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Run your restaurant more efficiently and smoothly

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Milagro SMS

How? By using our powerful feature called Call Deflection.

What is Call Deflection?

Call Deflection allows you to manage high-volume inbound calls by directing customers to self-service channels such as Online Ordering, Online Reservations, Directions, and get feedback, all automatically through Text Messages. This way, you can provide your customers with the information they need without making them wait on hold, talk to a busy staff member, or worse yet miss the potential revenue.

Free up your staff’s time to focus on in-store orders instead of juggling phone calls and keeping your customers on hold.

Samples of How Call Deflection Works

How Call Deflection Works

More than Call Deflection

Milagro SMS offers more than just phone service. We also provide:

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Send text messages on every missed call to start a conversation and offer online options.

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Text Messaging

Communicate with your customers via text messages from your restaurant number anywhere you are.

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Phone Services

Get a reliable and flexible cloud-based VoIP phone service that connects seamlessly with Milagro SMS.

Milagro Call Deflection - What we offer

Call Deflection

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What Our Customers Say

than we ever could

We switched to Milagro because we consolidated very important features that we needed. Today with Milagro, our servers take orders at the tables and even take payments at the table. We also save at least 1 hour a day because we no longer enter UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub orders into the POS. Orders automatically show up in the POS and we just accept it and it prints right to the kitchen.

Maria Gonzales (North Point Cafe)

Maria Gonzales

In the past 3 months of using SmartPOS, we have gathered 1,805 customer profiles without lifting a finger! We are extremely happy that we switched and believe that Milagro is going to help us increase our revenues by at least 15% a year!

John Hernandez (Los Amigos Mexican)

John Hernandez

The time and stress that we save by using ONE vendor for our internet, phones, firewall, wifi, POS, online menu, waitlist and reservations, online ordering, gift card, customer feedback, employee scheduling, our website, and 3rd party order integration is impressive. Now that we have it under one roof, there is no way we would ever be able to live without it. If you are still using multiple vendors and juggling these apps, you are wasting your own time. You don’t know the benefits until you’ve made the change!

Kevin Winters (Upstate Bar & Grill)

Kevin Winters

We switched from Open Table because it was getting too expensive, we were spending about $1,200/month for reservations. We are now using SmartMENUS and SmartWAIT and still spending less than $300/month with Milagro! Thank you Milagro team for helping us save money at a time that we need it the most

Theresa Hernandez (Sky Blossom & Beehive)

Theresa Hernandez

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