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Making Money + Increasing Efficiency + Saving Money = Milagro

The biggest expenses in restaurants is food cost followed closely by labor cost. With our solutions, we use predictive analysis and Ai to help you make better decisions. For example, to better staff and prepare for busy vs slow times, or to adjust your hours according to demand. Making informed decisions is the key to a successful operation.

Who is Richard Parker?

When you don’t know your customers, you are just guessing. Stop the madness with mass marketing. Be relevant, personalize your message and treat every guest like Royalty. Don’t waste time with irrelevant marketing, If someone is not a drinker, don’t send them alcohol specials, if someone doesn’t have kids, don’t send them Kids Eat Free promos, it will never work.

System Recommendations to Richard Parker:

  • Valentines Specials
  • Wine promotions
  • Kids specials
  • Similar items to Taco Chirizon to try: Chirizon Burritto
  • Appetizer to try: Table Side Guacamole
  • Flagged for brand ambassador because
    • Frequent visitor
    • High satisfaction ratings
    • High social media followers

Who is Milagro?

Milagro is a Data Analytics company that automatically creates profiles for each individual guest in order to deliver a highly effective and personalized marketing message to entice the guest to visit more often, buy more and share their positive experiences.

We gather all of our data through a series of tightly integrated solutions and our proprietary Ai-powered data mining engine.

Milagro’s Marketing Automation targets each guest with personalized marketing messages through big data analytics using custom built solutions to solve the biggest problem of mass marketing, shotgun approach.

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