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The biggest expense in restaurant space is cost of food and the second is employees/labor cost. With our solutions, we use predictive analysis / Ai to figure out what the restaurant should order, for example;

Based on historical sales and purchase data, the system will forecast that the restaurant should order 150lbs of chicken for next order instead of 120lbs. The system will then generate a list of items to order based on inventory available, create the purchase order to the vendor and flag it for approval. Once the user approves the PO, it will be automatically sent to the vendor on record.

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Know your customers by name, don’t waste their time with improper and irrelevant marketing. If someone is not a drinker, don’t send them alcohol specials, if someone doesn’t have kids, don’t send them Kids Eat Free offer. They simply will not respond due to irrelevancy and eventually unsubscribe from your marketing messages. Be Smarter.

System Recommendations to Tom Brady:

  • Valentines Specials
  • Wine promotions
  • Kids specials
  • Similar items to Taco Chirizon to try: Chirizon Burritto
  • Appetizer to try: Table Side Guacamole

Has 150k followers on social media, flagged for brand ambassador because highly rates the restaurant, is a frequent visitor

Who is Milagro?

Milagro is a Data Analytics company born to build profiles for each individual guest in order to deliver highly effective and individualized marketing message to entice the guest to visit more often, buy more and share their positive experiences.

We gather all of our data through a series of tightly integrated solutions and our proprietary AI powered data mining engine.

Milagro’s Marketing Automation focuses on 1:1 marketing through big data analytics and Ai to drive up profitability through relevant content to the user, content that engages the user instead of unsubscribing from marketing

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