Loyalty shouldn’t be just Free Food


Drive exclusivity, things they can’t get elsewhere


Give VIP perks, free t-shirts, hats, mugs, status


Let customers show off their rewards and share it across social media


A successful loyalty program is a simple and exclusive one

All loyalty programs are the same and none of them really magically turn any customer into a loyal customer. Generally Loyalty apps are too intrusive to join and often require yet another app to download, complicated systems to track and typically bombard you with unsolicited and irrelevant messages until you decide you’ve had enough and opt-out.

make it is to join

Make it Easy to Join

Milagro’s restaurant loyalty app works differently by allowing the guest to join right from the POS system at the time of purchase, it does not require the guest to fund the app, no apps to download if the user is app saturated and doesn’t want another app.

More importantly, we want to shift the focus to the guest and provide the guest with an outstanding experience for being truly a loyal customer.

Psychological Rewards

Make it interesting, not the same boring thing that says; you spend money here and we will give you free food sometime in the future. If you take the more traditional approach, you aren’t really differentiating yourself amongst your competitors. Today’s younger generation just want to show off the exclusive perks they are getting across social media, so a smart marketer feeds them the tools to do just that.

Provide special perks such as free t-shirts, hats or mugs if that is what you can, or provide a more exclusive dinner with the chef if you are on the higher end restaurants. Give VIP perks that allows the customer to always skip the line or make reservations when there are no spots available, make them feel special for being a customer and they will become a loyal customer.

psychological rewards
customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Milagro’s artificial intelligence scans all customers and picks the ones who qualify for being brand ambassadors, reward them to spread your marketing messages of your restaurants and drive revenue in exchange for VIP access, status, free giveaways and more importantly amazing foods!

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This loyalty thing, you gotta have it because your customers demand it. Lucky for you, Milagro has your customers data regardless of loyalty.

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You create loyal customers by going above & beyond, not forcing them to download an app or bombarding them with message begging them to give you their money

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Easy to join loyalty that grows with your brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it integrate to my POS?

Currently, Milagro’s loyalty app is integrated into SmartPOS. If you have other POS systems and are interested in learning more, please contact our sales team

How do you learn about non-loyalty customers?

Milagro’s Restaurant Operating System gathers information from many different apps. Each time a customer interacts with any of our apps, we learn a little more about that customer regardless of loyalty status.

We use this information to tailor the communication to be extremely relevant to that one person in order to improve their experience with your brand.

How do I advertise to my customers?

We have made it very easy for the restaurant owner by automatically creating a customer profile, tag every customer with their likes, dislikes, locations they visit, and more.

Furthermore, we tag each customer automatically with status such as VIP, Social Media Influencer, High Roller among others in order to tailor the marketing messages based on such detailed information.

You can simply enable the right marketing channel (email, text or push notification), choose your message and frequency and let the Milagro system do the work.

Learn more about this on our Marketing Automation page

Can you create an app or integrate to our existing mobile app?

The answer is yes to both. We can integrate our loyalty app into your existing Mobile App or build an entirely new app for you with built-in loyalty.

The mobile app also gives your customer the option to order online, join the wait list, make reservations, find locations, view menus, provide feedback among other functionality.

Visit our Mobile App page to learn more

How do you know which customers have high social media followers?

Our systems are integrated across all different platforms. Our AI systems are always scanning and cross-referencing different data points to make the connections.

Do you integrate to other marketing tools?

We do have some integrations into other marketing platforms. Please contact our sales team with your specific integration questions.

How does support work?

We fully support all of our solutions. You can reference our Knowledge base articles or contact our support team for further help