Profitable guest relationships start with the most innovative guest focused Point Of Sale.


Powerful Restaurant POS functionality for full service, fast-casual and QSR


The centerpiece of your guest relationships that extends to mobile ordering, reservations, waitlist, guest feedback and more


Sets the foundation for highly personalized, 100% automated retention marketing that drives real, provable growth






Food Truck




Fast Casual



Leading restaurants trust SmartPOS


Unprecedented Support For Restaurants.

Our customers’ long-term success is our only real internal success metric. Milagro’s product and services are designed to help customers grow, not just take orders. And we take that mission seriously.

We’re committed to helping our customers launch quickly and realize the full benefit of the Milagro platform. We meet with our customers on a quarterly basis to measure against performance goals, make adjustments and keep the ship heading in the right direction. With 24/7 support and a team of experts behind you, your restaurant is in the right hands to meet your growth goals.

We’ve got all of the powerful functionality that you need.
See for yourself.

milagro has solved

Milagro has solved the biggest problem in the restaurant industry and we invite you to read on and contact us to learn more.

Restaurant POS Systems are outdated and cost your restaurant money…


No offline mode required, 100% uptime


Handheld, Mobile & Stationary POS terminals


Automatically creates profile of every customer


Secure and PCI Compliant by Design

restaurant pos system are outdated

Restaurant Types

We Make Life Easier 

fine dining

Full Service Restaurants


Effortlessly split or combine dinner bills with a single swipe.


Take Order and pay bills while offline if needs.


Course meals by pairing kitchen display screens with the Toast Restaurant POS System

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)


e-Tips and e-Signature to make life easier and check out faster with Customer Facing Displays


Join Loyalty right from POS and buy Gift Cards during Checkout


Order & Pay via restaurant Tablet POS for Line Busting Drive Thru


Integrated Online Ordering and 3rd Party Delivery, no extra tablets!

Fast casual

Fast Casual


Tablets for Table Side Ordering and Payments


Sync Table Status with SmartWAIT integration for Wait List


Customer Orders and Pays at the table with SmartMENUS integration

Coffee Shops, Cafes and Retailers


Customized to meet the most demanding orders


Quick Order Entry to Payment for Speedy Service


Order & Pay via QR using any smartphone

coffee shops
food trucks

Food Trucks and Ghost Kitchens


Turnkey Solution including firewall & Mobile Internet


Fastest Order Entry to Payment for speedy service


Order & Pay from Tablet POS for Line Busting or Kiosk


Order & Pay via QR using any smartphone or Kiosk Mode

Challenges of Any Restaurant Owner

Designed to be simple yet up to the challenge of any restaurant owner

Built-in Online Orders allows you to view all orders and status from any terminal

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Quickly and easily view online orders from your website and 3rd parties like UberEats, DoorDash, and others

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Automated Customer notifications when order is ready for pickup or en-route for delivery

we serve passion
easy to use order

Easy to use order entry that even a 10-year-old can use

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Easily modify each item using modifiers and options to reduce manual entries

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Simple, clean, and intuitive interface eliminates training of new staff

Beautifully laid out categories and items to minimize training

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Add or update categories and items in seconds from the cloud

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Real-time sync all changes to all terminals

beautiful laid out
unlimited modifiers

Unlimited Modifiers, Options, Modifier Groups, Option Groups, and Price Groups

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These powerful features allow you to configure any type of item while keeping the same flow for all items and still easy to use for employees Force particular options or modifiers or limit number of selections

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Force particular options or modifiers or limit number of selections

Force particular options or modifiers or limit number of selections

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Speed matters, especially during busy weekends, get the job done effectively and efficiently

force perticular
join the loyalty<br />

Join the loyalty program right from the payment screen with a phone number and name

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Making it easier and more convenient is what drives a better customer experience. Customers can join the loyalty program right from the POS or redeem rewards in no time

Visually review all transactions at a glance

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Color-coded and easy-to-see transactions show all open, paid, voided, and online orders in a quick glance.

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Search transactions quickly by customer name, check number, and more

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Adjust TIPS right from the check either at the time of transaction or after check is closed

visually review
reports at your fingers<br />

Reports at your fingertips

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Check the status of your sales as a whole or per each server. Pre-built for you so you don’t have to waste time, see your category sales, item sales, delivery sales, promo redemptions and so much more in an easy to view, pre-built report on the restaurant POS system.

Built-in Gift Card program to check balance, sell and redeem gift cards

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Sell one or multiple gift cards at once using the intuitive screen

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Check balances and redeem gift cards

built in card
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Hardware Shoudn’t Be Hard

Complete set of all the hardware designed and built to work seamlessly for 100% uptime guarantee


Managed Switch

Tablet POS

smart POS

Credit Card Reader

Kitchen Printer

Receipt Printer

Managed Wifi

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Milagro App Store

Restaurant Operating System (ROS) that allows anyone to build on top of our robust platform with open APIs and zero cost to get started. Have a great idea to make a restaurant more efficient? Build and publish it on Milagro App Store for any restaurant to use.




milagro app store


Employee Scheduling

Online Ordering

the smartest POS

The smartest POS built for the restaurant industry

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Super easy to use and deploy in order to minimize training and installation

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100% up-time means you do not need offline mode

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Built to monetize your customer data and increase sales and profits

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Fully integrated to all apps that you need such as online ordering, employee scheduling, loyalty, gift card, marketing, waitlist & reservation, and customer experience management

What happens when the internet goes down?

Because it is cloud based, a reliable internet connection is required. If internet is down, you are unable to process any transactions or payments. We do offer a 100% up-time guarantee internet service, SmartCONNECT to solve this problem.

How about Gift Cards, Loyalty, Online Ordering, Accounting?

We have integrations for Gift Cards, Loyalty app, Online Ordering, Accounting , Wait List and Reservation, Employee Scheduling and more. For more advanced Accounting & Inventory management, we recommend using Compete or Restaurant 365..

Do you support 3rd party delivery service?

Yes, we integrate all 3rd Party Delivery providers such as UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub into SmartPOS. Orders will flow directly to the POS without duplicate entries.

Menus are also updated directly from Milagro Cloud without having to update each 3rd party individually.

Do you support Apple Pay, Google Pay and NFC?

Yes, all of our systems are pre-configured for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Contactless, Chip and Swipe.

Do you support Tips and electronic signature?

Yes! We support both traditional tip adjustment after transaction is completed as well as electronic tipping where customers can choose a tip amount and sign electronically on the tablet.

Do you support Table Service and Quick Service?

Yes, we support both Table Service & Quick Service. Furthermore, you can individually configure each tablet to be in either mode giving you the freedom to operate on QS or TS at the same time.

When will my credit card deposits be made?

Your deposits are made next business day via our next day funding

How does support work?

Currently we offer free remote support Monday to Friday 8 to 5pm CST. For multi-location brands, we also offer a dedicated support staff who will entirely manage your entire Milagro system on part time and full time basis.