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Still scratching your head and trying to make sense of PCI Compliance? Keep your business and customer’s data secured with Milagro Network Security

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PCI – Payment Card Industry

Any merchant accepting credit cards, must adhere to PCI regulations.

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PCI regulations are

created and maintained by

Major Card Brands

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Non-Compliance Fines

Any merchant accepting credit cards, must adhere to regulations.

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$5,000 to $100,000 monthly penalties

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Infringement Consequences per cardholder exposed

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Legal actions against your company

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Federal Audits by Federal Trade Commission

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Major Revenue Loss during audits

What are the PCI Compliance levels and how are they determined?

Your PCI Level is determined based on how many transactions you process per year

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Level 1

This is for big box stores and major corporations that process more than 6 million transactions per year.

Milagro - PCI Compliance level 2

Level 2

This is for medium to large size businesses who process between 1 million to 6 million transactions annually any sales channel.

Milagro - PCI Compliance level 3

Level 3

Most small, medium businesses fall in this category where they process between 20,000 to 1 million transactions annually.

Milagro- PCI Compliance level 4

Level 4

Typically a small business that handles less than 20,000 e-commerce transactions per year, or merchants that process up to one million transactions through all channels (card present, card not present, e-commerce).

How to Become Compliant


Build and Maintain a Secure Network


Protect Cardholder Data


Maintain a Vulnerability Management Platform


Implement Strong Access Control Measures


Regularly Monitor and Test Networks


Maintain information Security Policy

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What is included?


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Quarterly Scans of your network

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Quarterly SAQ

Milagro - Breach insurance policy icon

$100k Breach
Insurance Policy

Milagro - Charge back protection icon

$250 Charge
Back Protection

Milagro - Manage compliant firewall

compliant firewall

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Do not jeopardize your business by taking unnecessary risks.

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Secure your network against breaches and hacks

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Quarterly scans as per PCI standards

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Quarterly SAQ completion

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Yearly AoC to keep your behind covered when something does go wrong

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsiblities as a merchant?

It is your responsibility to create & maintain a secure environment where the credit card data is not breached.

We provide the firewalls, switches, segregate the network, run quarterly scans, provide you with SAQ and AoC yearly.

You will have to ensure your staff is trained and certified to look out for suspicious activity, ensure you do not use default passwords, do not write card numbers, and discard them securely to name a few of your responsibilities

How often do I need to check my network?

You do not need to, we will scan the network automatically every 3 months. If everything passes, you will receive your SAQ questionnaire to answer and you are done.

If there are any issues, our staff will work with you to resolve them before retesting the network.

How do I know if I am compliant?

There are 12 steps to PCI compliance that you must follow and if all steps are successfully completed, then you will get your compliance letter. These are usually provided every 3 months after a successful network scan.

How do I manage the Guest WiFi?

Guest WiFi is one of the easiest ways for someone to breach into your network. You must take measures to ensure your Guest WiFi is segregated from all other traffic with no access to credit card data.

With our standard PCI Compliance deployment, your Guest WiFi is physically segregated from all other network traffic

Am I PCI compliant and secured if I use the ISP equipment?

No, using the ISP equipment is perhaps the worse decision you can make. Using the default equipment, you will expose yourself and your business to unnecessary risks.

The ISP is providing you the required equipment to get you online but not to keep your network secured and PCI Compliant

Who do I contact in case of support?

Our support team has full access to our managed firewalls, switches, guest WiFi, and your network. Please contact our support team in case you have any questions.