Machine Learning and

Artificial Intelligence


Increase sales through automated and personalized marketing


Save money and create efficiency in business processes


Analyze costs and sales to minimize labor

AI and ML are already changing every industry and the truth is that if a human can do a job, typically a machine can do it 10x better while never taking a day off, never calls in sick and most importantly will never ask for a raise. In fact the cost will continue to decrease over time

Milagro -Machine learning and artificial intelligence

How AI can help your restaurants increase sales and profit

Milagro - Automated & Personalized Marketing

Automated and Personalized Marketing

AI is an extremely effective tool to use in order to personalize your marketing. The more data is gathered about every individual customer, the more powerful and effective an AI engine can be in identifying and reaching out to your customers with highly targeted messages that will result in increased sales.

Labor and Food Cost Savings

AI can also be a very powerful cost savings engine, for example, AI can replace a human taking phone orders and free your staff to focus on more important tasks. This will lead to a very substantial labor savings.

AI can also analyze your spendings and review your food cost and alert you or even automatically order raw ingredients from the vendor with most effective cost or promotions

Milagro - Labour & Food Cost Savings
Milagro - Moral of the story

Moral of the story

The reason that Artificial Intelligence is so powerful is because it thinks for itself and it will continuously learn and improve. It is important to understand the difference between AI and Automation or Workflow Automation. Workflow automation is not intelligent, it is human controlled, if this happens, then do this. AI is so powerful because it will observe what is happening, why it is happening and find correlations that would otherwise not be spotted. For example, an AI system can learn to compare sales vs expenses and make a recommendation to close at 8pm at a specific location on Monday and Tuesdays because the cost of labor, utilities and food cost is substantially higher than the sales or profits that are generated.

How Milagro is using Machine Learning and AI?

Our AI engine is designed to continuously run through all customer data starting with their transactional history, what items are they buying, how often do they visit, which locations they visit, do they dine in or take out, how many people do they visit with and all other relevant information to better understand each individual. It will then take this data and cross reference it to all available marketing messages and promotions available in order to reach out to the RIGHT CUSTOMER, at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT MESSAGE and the RIGHT CHANNEL to increase the likelihood of that customer making an extra visit, ordering an extra appetizer or dessert or to make a reservation and spend the money that otherwise would have been spent at another restaurant brand.

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Examples of such powerful marketing would be like receiving a text message when you are within the vicinity of a restaurant that is offering your favorite steak and bumping you to the top of the waitlist to avoid the busy line, or informing the server that your favorite appetizer is the Loco Queso because you have given it several 5-star reviews and have mentioned it across social media and order it 86% of the time. These super powers are just simply impossible for any human or group of humans to achieve, such powerful and yet individualized actions can only be achieved through AI.

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How to 10x your marketing ROI?

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Remember, SmartMARKETING is an investment, not an expense, the more you invest, the more you make

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the internet goes down?

Because it is cloud based, a reliable internet connection is required. If internet is down, you are unable to process any transactions or payments. We do offer a 100% up-time guarantee internet service, SmartCONNECT to solve this problem.

How about Gift Cards, Loyalty, Online Ordering, Accounting?

We have integrations for Gift Cards, Loyalty app, Online Ordering, Accounting , Wait List and Reservation, Employee Scheduling and more. For more advanced Accounting & Inventory management, we recommend using Compete or Restaurant 365..

Do you support 3rd party delivery service?

Currently we do not have any direct integrations, however, this is due to be available soon. You will be able to keep track of individual 3rd party delivery sales through a special “Delivery” payment method for all the major delivery services

Do you support Apple Pay, Google Pay and NFC?

Yes, all of our systems are pre-configured for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Contactless, Chip and Swipe.

Do you support Tips and electronic signature?

Yes! We support both traditional tip adjustment after transaction is completed as well as electronic tipping where customers can choose a tip amount and sign electronically on the tablet.

Do you support Table Service and Quick Service?

Yes, we support both Table Service & Quick Service. Furthermore, you can individually configure each tablet to be in either mode giving you the freedom to operate on QS or TS at the same time.

When will my credit card deposits be made?

Your deposits are made next business day via our next day funding

How does support work?

Currently we offer free remote support Monday to Friday 8 to 5pm CST. For multi-location brands, we also offer a dedicated support staff who will entirely manage your entire Milagro system on part time and full time basis.