Leaders vs. Followers

Restaurant A “Actionable Transactional Data” vs. Restaurant B “without Actionable Transactions Data”

comparison a and b

Restaurant with Actionable Transactional Data

Restaurant without or with limited Data

Serves excellent Filet Mignon with an

incredible customer service


Opened 2 years ago and AUV is


green red box

Uses Milagro for a complete ROS
Milagro Online Ordering

Uses 11 vendors!
POS system: Aloha, Micros or Toast
Wait List & Reservations: Yelp, OpenTable, Resi
Customer Experience Management (CEM): SMG
Online Ordering: Olo, other
Loyalty: Paytronix, Thanks, Punchh, other
Gift Card:
Paytronix or others
Email & Text Marketing: FishBowl
Internet Service: AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast
Phone System & Service: AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast
Employee Scheduling: HotSchedules, 7Shifts, other
Firewall, PCI Compliance, WiFi: None
sometimes more is not better

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Starts building customer data from day 1

Focuses on building customer data through Loyalty

since that is the only option

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Has built a customer base of 100k customers

Has built a list of 12k customers

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Knows all of their customer’s shopping behavior

Limited or no information about customers. only

knows “Loyalty” customers data which is incomplete

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Monetized on 100% of customers to increase sales

No ability to monetize the customer data because

only has a subset of data, not the full history

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Focuses on highly profitable customers with ROI

above 500%

Focuses on 15% of customers who are part of loyalty

club, i.e. the least profitable customers

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Sends highly targeted, personalized, and

automated marketing messages

Sends 12k Kids Eat Free email to ALL customers

irrespective of them having kids or not

Knows the exact ROI of each marketing campaign

over any given time frame and overall

Guestimates how much revenue is generated

based on how frequently they see coupons

redeemed multiplied by the average check value

which is guestimated.

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Focuses on profitable customers and campaigns

that generate high margins

Keeps trying the same thing over and over in hope

of a change for the better

dollor smiley
sad smiley<br />

Loses Internet due to an outage during

dinner & lunch rush 4x a year

100% Uptime Guarantee means doesn’t lose a

penny of sales

Loses internet online orders shutdown, credit

card payments offline, phone service down, 3rd

party delivery systems shutdown, loses about

$15,000 a year in lost revenue due to outages

Implements customer experience

management to see what customers think

green red box small

Gathers feedback from customers and

accomplishes their goal of implementing CEM

Gathers feedback from customers and

accomplishes their goal of implementing CEM

Uses customers with a positive experience to

add more 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp while

increasing social media engagement with

Facebook and Twitter

No such ability but does ask a pointless NPS



Built-in Server Performance Ranking helps

promote great servers to be trainers and train

the lowest ranking servers

No way, no system can do this

green red box small

Uses CEM to increase sales by $40,00/year and

increase brand awareness

What? How? Impossible!

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increases sales by $150,000 a year and profit

margins to 28%

Sales are down $150,000, losing market share to

their competitor. Margins are down a staggering 25%

green red box small

Prospers and grows in number of locations, sales,

and profitability

Slowly YoY sales decline until out of business or

become too stressful to operate the restaurant

Opens a new location closer to his competitor

because milagro shows where his customers

are coming from

Opens a new location but the location is

suffering because the research was based on

antiquated data or gut feeling

At this stage, you are losing money by not switching to Milagro.

Wish you luck!

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