“History has proven that those who Dare to Imagine the Impossible, are the ones who break all the human limitations.”

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Our Incredibly Talented Team

Milagro - Our Incredibly

Milagro is headquartered in Dallas but we recruit talent globally with presence in a handful of countries globally. We are a group of super talented individuals with the same achievable vision. We are the crazy ones, the michiefs who are crazy enough to believe that we can actually change the world.

We look for people who are highly organized, punctual, extremely driven to go above and beyond. We look for a great mix of business sense and technological knowledge in order to build solutions with a purpose that solves actual problems.

Milagro - job opportunities

Job Opportunities

Outside/Inside Sales

Position 3 | Full Time

Social Media Marketing

Position 2 | Full Time


Position 3 | Full Time

Customer Success Coordinator

Position 3 | Full Time


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the internet goes down?

Because it is cloud based, a reliable internet connection is required. If internet is down, you are unable to process any transactions or payments. We do offer a 100% up-time guarantee internet service, SmartCONNECT to solve this problem.

Do you support Tips and electronic signature?

Yes! We support both traditional tip adjustment after transaction is completed as well as electronic tipping where customers can choose a tip amount and sign electronically on the tablet.