Why A Customer Feedback Tool is A Need for Increasing Restaurant Revenue

A customer feedback tool will reduce the time you will be needing to interpret the data that you get. With the help of these tools, you also won’t have to second guess the way data is interpreted.
November 14, 2022
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Sure, as a restaurant, you need a brand identity – who you are, what you’re going to serve, and how you define your service.

But for restaurants, it’s more than just food. It’s also people – thus the need for a customer feedback tool.

Why A Customer Feedback Tool is A Need

At the heart of your service are people. Making them enjoy your food. Taking them into a unique culinary journey that brings them excellent customer experience. Serving delicious selections that they’re looking for.

If the people you cater know and feel that you get them, they’ll come back and bring in the revenue.

Bottomline: you need customer feedback, and improvements based on these reviews can make enormous changes for your restaurant.

Customer Feedback Tool: The New Way of Getting Reviews

Traditionally, most customer experience management apps focus strictly on asking questions, gathering responses, and providing a report on the results.

your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning

If you are going to this extent, it’s evident that you care about your customer feedback. However, you should equally care about utilizing that information to increase your sales so you can provide an excellent customer experience.

Why Restaurants Need A Customer Feedback Tool

Why go for an actual customer review app when you have the option to do the process manually? Here are several reasons how restaurants benefit customer review tools.

you don't just need customer information

Reason #1: Customer Feedback Management Apps Allow You to Interpret Data Quickly and Easily

A customer feedback tool will reduce the time you will be needing to interpret the data that you get. With the help of these tools, you also won’t have to second guess the way data is interpreted.

Reason #2: The Apps Give You In-depth Knowledge About Your Customer’s Restaurant Experience

Improving customer feedback starts from understanding what makes the people come or leave your restaurant.

You’re ensured that you won’t be getting any random information. Every data about customer restaurant experience and customer behavior can be translated into a strategy.

Reason #3: Customer Satisfaction Tools Help You See What Improvements Should Be Made Priority

Should you update inventory?

Work on how your staff serve customers?

Revamp that social media campaign?

Customer experience management applications provides an in-depth detail as to where you should focus your effort, time, and investments into.

How to Use a Customer Management App to Increase Restaurant Revenue

A five-star service can bring in five-star revenue. One of the best ways to bring in customer satisfaction is by having a customer management app that will help you give what your customers want.

Here are some ways you can bring in and bring up restaurant profit with better customer management through a feedback app.

Step 1: Integrate Customer Review App with Your Restaurant POS System

The most important step is to ensure that you do not make it difficult for people to give you feedback.

Do not expect the customer to type in the website, enter a survey code, or keying in all these endless info such as the location they visited, the date and time they visited, their check number, and the list goes on!

make giving reviews less complicated

Do not over complicate it for your customer. Choose the right tool.

The solution should be as easy as scanning a QR code and immediately starting the feedback process.

Step 2: Use a Smart Customer Feedback Tool with a Built-in Logic

In 2022, there is absolutely no excuse to ask the same questions from every customer, irrespective of their answers.

There are plenty of customer experience apps that allow you to change questions based on the answers to the previous questions.

find a customizable customer feedback app

For example, if a customer rates the food quality as excellent, there’s no need to be asking them if the food was cold or hot.

Nowadays, everyone has a very short attention span and the more barriers you put in front of them the less likely they will provide you valuable information for free.

Step 3: Add a bungee cord to your feedback app

Provide the customer a reason to come back and more importantly a reason to provide you with feedback.

You should value the time that it takes your customer to to help you streamline your restaurant.

give your customers a compelling reason to give you feedback

The feedback provided by every customer is helping you improve your operational efficiency, better your customer expands and improve your food quality, therefore make it worth their while. Feel free to experiment with different offers or coupons.

Step 4: Track redemption and automate follow-up 

Just because you provided the customer with an enticing offer, does not mean they will come back. It is imperative to have an automated follow up to ensure that they do come back.

the sooner you get a review, the better

Put a deadline on redemption of every offer –  usually four weeks is a great sweet spot – in order to create urgency. A week before the expiration of every offer you should have an automated reminder sent to each customer reminding them of that.

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Learn how to leverage the customer feedback app to also increase your 5- star reviews in this article here.

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