Best Full-Service Restaurant POS System
Discover the top POS systems for full-service restaurants. Streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost revenue with the right choice.
Publishing date 02/13/2024
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What is a full-service restaurant POS?

A full-service restaurant POS is a point-of-sale system designed specifically for the needs of your restaurant. It includes features such as coursing, tableside ordering, and payments to prevent customers from ordering sold-out items. Switching to Milagro’s full-service restaurant POS can help you serve more diners, connect your front and back of the house, and make smarter business decisions.

Why Every Business Need a POS System?

A Point of Sale (POS) system, a combination of hardware and software, is built to make your business run smoother. Whether you’re starting a new restaurant or growing an existing one, picking the best POS system is crucial for your business. More than just handling transactions, a good POS system can simplify operations, improve customer experiences, and offer important insights into how your business is doing.

This article will help you understand the key factors to consider when choosing a POS system, enabling you to navigate through the complexities of POS systems and find the one that fits perfectly with your restaurant’s objectives.

Our Top POS System Picks for Full Service Restaurants

1. Milagro POS — Fast, portable solution for all restaurants

Milagro restaurant POS is a viable option for full-service restaurants dealing with online orders but lacks a built-in website feature and relies on integrations with 3rd-party apps for online ordering and delivery. While user-friendly and all-in-one, it is optimal for the size of businesses. Milagro restaurant POS is a versatile solution designed to assist bars, bakeries, and coffee shops in managing multiple locations, satisfying customers, setting up menus and prices, and handling both online and in-person sales. Suitable for various food businesses, this system is tailored for all sizes and types of businesses on Milagro, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, users benefit from access to expert advice and support from Milagro professionals.

Key Features

  • Accept different payments at a clear rate, with no hidden charges.
  • Customize items, services, modifiers, categories, and discounts.
  • See sales, and customer data on one dashboard.
  • Store customer details, track purchases, and use CRM tools, loyalty programs, and feedback options.
  • Set up an online store, sell on social media, and integrate with third-party delivery apps.


  • User-friendly design for easy staff training.
  • Integration with key third-party apps for payroll, accounting, inventory, delivery, etc.
  • Accepts many popular payment methods.


  • Charges a monthly fee per device and a transaction fee
  • No support for multiple languages

2. Square POS

Square offers a versatile restaurant POS system with free and paid options. The free version includes basic features like inventory and menu management, while the paid Square for Restaurants plan provides advanced features such as table and course management, and kitchen display systems. Square POS is accessible on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, offering flexibility in device choice.

Key Features

  • Accept different types of payments at a clear rate, with no hidden charges.
  • Personalize your checkout with options like modifiers, categories, and discounts.
  • Use an easy-to-navigate dashboard for sales, inventory, and customer data.
  • Handle customer details, track purchases, and interact using free CRM tools, loyalty schemes, and feedback options.
  • Increase sales with an online store, social media selling, and integration with third-party delivery services.


  • Download the free app and start taking payments with a free magstripe or contactless chip reader.
  • Clear pricing with no monthly fees or contracts (only pay a flat rate per transaction).
  • Sync data across all devices and access it from anywhere.
  • Use Square POS for online orders, social media sales, and integration with third-party delivery apps.


  • Account may be frozen or funds withheld if suspicious sales spikes, large refunds, or chargebacks are detected.
  • Extra payment is required for certain features not included in the basic plan, such as table management, kitchen display, online ordering, and loyalty programs.
  • Additional fees apply for adding staff accounts, terminals, or locations.
  • Higher transaction fees for certain payment methods, like keyed-in cards or gift cards.
  • No phone support for customers.

3. Toast POS

Toast POS system for restaurants, offering a loyalty program and various tools including online ordering, delivery, takeout, and contactless payments. It is designed to help full-service operators adapt to industry trends and guest expectations. For small or medium-sized restaurants using Android-compatible devices, Toast POS offers features like tableside ordering, a kitchen display system, and online ordering and delivery to reach more customers and increase revenue.

Key Features

  • Make orders easier with Toast Go or Android devices, reducing wait times and mistakes.
  • Increase earnings with Toast’s online ordering and delivery services.
  • Build customer loyalty with Toast Loyalty’s points and discounts.
  • Get insights for growth with Toast’s reporting and analytics.
  • Enhance kitchen efficiency with Toast KDS screens or Android tablets.


  • Easy training due to an intuitive design that new staff can use easily.
  • Integration with important third-party apps for payroll, accounting, inventory, delivery, and more.
  • Manage everything, from taking orders to managing inventory, in one system.


  • Most functions, including reporting, cloud backup, and integrations, rely on an internet connection (only cash payments and receipts are possible without the internet).
  • Limited customization options for the interface, such as changing colors, fonts, or layout.
  • No support for multiple languages or currencies.

4. TouchBistro

TouchBistro restaurant POS system is designed specifically for restaurants and can run on an iPad without an internet connection. With features for high-volume dining like tableside ordering and menu management, it’s ideal for establishments managing multiple tables, courses, and complex orders. Fine dining and upscale eateries would benefit from Toast’s comprehensive suite.

Key Features

  • Order anywhere with an iPad, no internet is needed.
  • Integrate with payment processors for good rates and quick deposits.
  • Manage customer data, loyalty programs, and personalized offers.
  • Access 50+ reports for sales, staff, menu profitability, etc.
  • Retrieve data from any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Assign roles, monitor clock-ins/outs, and calculate wages/commissions.


  • Restaurant-specific features like floor plans, menus, orders, payments, and gift cards.
  • Easy to navigate according to TouchBistro reviews.
  • Smooth integration with third-party apps.
  • High customization.


  • It only works on Apple devices.
  • Issues with customer service, software bugs, and hardware compatibility.
  • Costs increase as each feature is paid for.
  • Missing features for delivery, catering, and online ordering.

5. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS, founded in 2005, is a full-service restaurant POS system known for allowing the combination of different brands’ restaurant-specific items in the hardware stack. It is a good option for restaurants with existing hardware collections and is compatible with various payment providers for those interested in using a 3rd-party payment processor. However, without using Lightspeed Payments for processing payments, the monthly subscription prices can be notably higher. Despite this, Lightspeed POS offers extensive features including table and reservation management, menu and order management, inventory management, reporting, staff, and loyalty management, making it a comprehensive choice for restaurants. Users should carefully consider the costs against the benefits before making a decision.

Key Features

  • Great hardware choices
  • Integrations for online ordering
  • Reporting based on the cloud
  • Training for restaurant staff
  • Management for multiple locations
  • Inbuilt loyalty and gift cards


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free training online with a specialist
  • Works with different brands of hardware


  • Add-ons are needed for accounting integrations, customer loyalty programs, advanced reporting, and online ordering.
  • Lower pricing requires yearly contracts.
  • Additional charges for delivery integration.

The Importance of a Point of Sale (POS) System for Full Service

A point-of-sale system is crucial for any type of restaurant, whether it’s a bar, food truck,, or pizzeria. Here are some of the many advantages of having a POS system:

Accurate Inventory Management

Have you ever experienced a situation where a certain item was missing in your restaurant’s kitchen? A point-of-sale system helps you manage your inventory more effectively. This not only saves valuable time that would be spent on manual inventory tracking but also reduces the frequency of out-of-stock issues.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Using a POS system allows you to serve your customers more quickly, minimizing wait times. Quick and efficient transactions lead to higher customer satisfaction and a more positive experience.

Additionally, POS systems enable restaurants to accept various payment methods and improve customer service by facilitating features such as split bills, item modifications, discounts, and loyalty programs.

24/7 Access to Data

Unlike traditional systems that confine data to a physical location, cloud-based POS systems securely store information on remote servers accessible through the Internet.

Cloud-based POS systems offer 24/7 access to data, allowing you to stay connected to your restaurant operations regardless of your physical location. This type of access results in better decision-making, greater efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Errors

Point-of-sale systems can help minimize the number of errors in your restaurant’s day-to-day activities. The POS system will automatically calculate the bills at checkout, adjust your inventory, and generate reports for accounting, sales, etc.

Cost Reduction & Revenue Increase

A point-of-sale system can assist in reducing your restaurant costs by enhancing the efficiency of your restaurant management and minimizing the occurrence of mistakes. Moreover, a POS system can increase profits by enhancing customer service, cutting down on wait times, and driving additional sales.

Key Features for Restaurants:

Businesses in the food industry, such as restaurants, bakeries, bars, and cafes, have increasingly embraced Point of Sale systems to enhance their operations and customer service.

POS systems offer versatile features and adaptability to diverse business types that cater to the unique needs of each business. These features can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize overall restaurant management. Here are some popular features:

Efficient Order Management

Streamlines the process of taking orders and relaying them to the kitchen. It allows waitstaff to enter orders directly into the system, reducing the chances of errors and minimizing the time it takes for orders to reach the kitchen staff. This leads to quicker service and increased customer satisfaction.

Customization Options

Point of Sale (POS) systems can be customized to suit the unique needs of different businesses, offering specific features and functionalities to cater to their requirements. A restaurant can benefit from table management features, order modifiers, and integration with kitchen displays, enhancing both order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Integration with Other Systems

Many modern POS systems integrate with other restaurant tools such as accounting software, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), online ordering platforms, and reservation systems. This process of integration facilitates the smooth and effortless transfer of data, resulting in a reduction of the amount of manual work required. Additionally, a good POS system can easily scale as your restaurant grows, accommodating multiple locations or additional functionalities.

Multiple Payment Methods

Modern POS systems have been developed to handle various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and digital payments. This feature caters to the preferences and convenience of both customers and restaurants, enhancing their overall experience.


POS systems offer insightful reporting capabilities that provide restaurant owners with valuable data on sales patterns trends and customer preferences. This data-driven approach empowers restaurants to make informed decisions, adjust their strategies, and maximize profitability.

Loyalty Program & Personalized Promotions

You may want to run promotions or offer discounts. Choose a system that allows you to do this easily. Additionally, while loyalty programs are not essential, you may still want to consider using them due to their ability to help you grow your restaurant.

How to select the best POS systems for your full-service restaurants

To find the right restaurant POS system, consider factors such as your customer demographic, budget, and the size of your business. These factors will determine the type of system that best suits your needs.

In addition to our top recommendations, you can explore other POS systems to find the best one for your business. Despite being the best choice for a restaurant, Milagro is also an option that you can consider, offering top features for restaurants including flexible order management, advanced online order management, real-time reporting, and various payment methods.

Explore efficient POS solutions tailored for food truck businesses.

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