How ChatGPT & AI Will Impact The Restaurant Industry | TechBite

Publishing date 04/05/2024
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In this podcast, Kendall Ware explores how AI is reshaping the restaurant industry, emphasizing its transformative influence and the need for professionals to integrate it into their business strategy. He highlights the rapid evolution driven by AI, particularly ChatGPT, and its implications for restaurant owners. Kendall Ware and the host discuss actionable steps for operators, emphasizing the importance of learning about AI, finding relevant vendors, and understanding how it can enhance business efforts.

The episode delves into specific impacts on restaurant operations, addressing AI’s role in streamlining hiring processes, automating onboarding, and allowing operators to focus on core business strategies. The conversation expands to discuss the potential transformation of guest feedback, sales strategies, and the importance of customer data in leveraging AI.


The podcast concludes by encouraging restaurant owners to adopt AI, invest in customer data platforms, and recognize its impact on the industry’s future. It aims to assist restaurant owners in navigating the transformative impact of technology for sustainable success in the restaurant business.

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