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Understanding the Tech Landscape: All-in-One Platforms vs. Best of Breed
Publishing date 04/05/2024
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Introduction :

In this podcast episode, Kendall Ware, a seasoned business expert and former president of Cinnabon and Carvel, discusses the challenges businesses encounter when dealing with multiple vendors and technologies, particularly when choosing between all-in-one platforms and best-of-breed applications. Kendall Ware shares his experiences with integrating diverse technologies, highlighting the frustrations, high costs, and the industry’s tendency to overspend on premium applications.

The podcast explores the benefits of consolidating technologies into an all-in-one platform, with a focus on simplifying operations, improving efficiency, and giving businesses a competitive edge. It also encourages a reevaluation of approaches to technology integration in the ever-evolving business landscape.


This podcast discusses the challenges businesses face when managing multiple vendors and technologies, emphasizing the benefits of consolidating technologies into all-in-one platforms for simplifying operations, improving efficiency, and gaining a competitive edge in the business landscape.

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