Increase Your Business with SmartWAIT Reservation System
Smartwait solution eliminates queuing by making the waiting virtual. It allows one’s business and guests to add themselves to a waitlist for a table via the internet using their devices.
Publishing date 09/04/2021
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Queuing is among the most frustrating things to customers in restaurants, hotels, and bars. It makes customers waste quality time waiting to be served, which makes them feel unimportant and hungrier. These factors are the primary reasons why maintaining customers and gaining new ones have been quite challenging in the hospitality industry.

Luckily, businesses can eliminate reservation and queuing problems using SmartWait. This application allows businesses to do away with queuing, improve waiting time and enhance customer experience. In return, satisfied customers will become loyal and also bring more customers, and performance will increase.

How it works

Smartwait solution eliminates queuing by making the waiting virtual. It allows one’s business and guests to add themselves to a waitlist for a table via the internet using their devices. Customers consult about waiting conditions virtually in the comfort of their homes or while shopping nearby while waiting for their table to be ready

Therefore, it is more manageable for customers to decide when they want to come. Also, they take a virtual ticket for the same day through the waitlist function or another day in the queue via reservations. Moreover, customers who wish to cancel their or postpone their coming time can easily do so through the link or via text messages

This innovative solution integrates into a device application, or customers can queue virtually by scanning a QR code using their mobile device. Once the customers automatically check-in, they select a service and are assigned a digital ticket. Additionally, the customers get notified when their turn is approaching and when it is time to receive their service.

It enables restaurants to provide a contactless check-in; interestingly, this reservation system enables guests to select their rooms, niceties to be placed in the rooms, and dietary restrictions and pay for the services online using a secure portal. This enhances customer experiences and saves time for customers and business managers.

Benefits of a reservation system

  1. Customer satisfaction

Guests are crucial to any restaurant, and without them, a restaurant cannot be successful. Their happiness, therefore, comes first. So, customers search for a restaurant, add themselves to their waiting list, and choose services from the comfort of their homes.

When they arrive, the restaurant is already expecting them and serves them without delay. Also, customers select the rooms or tables they want and book before coming to the hotel. Hence, the check-in process is very smooth and allows them enough time to relax and enjoy themselves. Such unique and quality services increase visitors’ satisfaction. As a result, a business retains more clients and increases performance.

  1. Reduces abandonment rate

Waiting on a long list is a stressful process, and in most instances, customers lose their patience and go somewhere else. This factor is detrimental for a business because they lose their customers and fail to gain new clients.

Fortunately, the virtual waiting list is fully integrated with a table management solution and automatically predicts waiting times. Thus, guests can browse real-time waiting conditions across venues and decide which one works best for them. As a result, guests will come at their convenient time for the services, and businesses will not worry about getting frustrated or choosing a competitor.

  1. Deliver personalized experiences

Customers increasingly prefer getting a personalized experience when they engage with a business. The reservation system enables fast delivery of automated services. Also, the customer’s expectation is excellently met since all the necessary details are shared before service is delivered.

It is more manageable to give a personalized experience if you can track their customers’ purchase history. Additionally, keeping a purchase history improves the interaction between clients and the business and makes it easier to recommend new services based on their preferences.

  1. Less work and crowding at the reception

Visitors make reservations for rooms and tables online, and these details pop up on your system. They also pay for the services via the internet. This contactless means of doing things eliminate the need for guests to stop by the reception to book their stay or pay for services. Therefore, the primary task is to prepare to receive the guest.

Using a virtual waitlist is advantageous; it prevents physical queuing at the reception, which would be slow. Also, overcrowding at the reception could lead to diseases. But, more importantly, it enhances the customer experience, and people at the front office can be productive in other activities.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses can efficiently account for all customers’ desires using Smarwait solution without causing a delay. The data collected using the application is essential in determining a more accurate estimate of expected guests. Not only that but also when they travel, arrive and their preferences. Also, it keeps the data updated in real-time so when tables or rooms are vacant, and guests can quickly make reservations.

Another benefit of using this application is its usefulness and usability. Defensibly, the application geo-locates a business based on the client’s position. Also, customers easily follow a link from Google listing or company’s website, add themselves to a waiting list and make reservations. Besides, the solution can be used in various devices.

  1. Easily collect data

Mostly, customers give their email, phone numbers, and their names when signing up. Also, they make reservations and special requests from the system. This presents one with a perfect opportunity to know the guest better. In addition, the data is crucial in enhancing customer satisfaction and marketing.

Therefore, when the guest dines at the restaurant again, the business will offer personalized services. In some instances where the customers do not return, it will be easier to write to them and make an offer that will entice them to come back.

  1. Communication

Communication between a business and the customers is important, and the application helps to strengthen the impact. Arguably, communication strengthens the relationship with the client, increases popularity with customers, and builds trust. Clients feel encouraged to purchase from a business that values them and their opinions. However, if one fails to communicate with guests effectively, their concerns will not be addressed, and they will negatively review the restaurant.

  1. Competitive edge

The reservation system is unique, and not many businesses have embraced it. It allows a business to offer a virtual waitlist that most businesses fail to do. Customers increasingly prefer being a guest in such a restaurant because they save time and get personalized services. In addition, a business can serve both the virtual waiting list and physical queue without delaying the services. Thus, gaining an advantage over competitors and increasing the business.

In conclusion, smart queue systems significantly impact customer experience and loyalty. Failure to manage the waiting list could be detrimental for the business. A restaurant booking system helps to keep occupancy up, especially during slow periods. Therefore, implementing the Smartwait solution will increase repeat business, generate more income, and, more importantly, enhance customer experience.

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