Milagro Corporation Welcomes Kendall Ware to Its Board of Advisors
Kendall Ware, who has already spent more than half of his life as a strategic business and franchise leader establishing his leadership skills in expanding brands, building great teams, and improving operations.
Publishing date 04/13/2022

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Milagro Corporation Welcomes Kendall Ware

As recently reported on Yahoo Finance, the Board of Advisors at Milagro Corporation has welcomed IFA-certified franchise executive, Kendall Ware. As the first external Board Member, Ware will work closely with the founder and executive team to help Milagro achieve its long-term strategy and goals. This recent move demonstrates Milagro’s commitment to playing a leading role in pushing restaurant technology to new heights.

Kendall Ware, who is only 34 years old, has already spent more than half of his life as a strategic business and franchise leader establishing his leadership skills in expanding brands, building great teams, and improving operations.

He was previously the President and Chief Brand Officer of Cinnabon and Carvel. As part of his role, Ware was in charge of all aspects of brand management for the two specialty brands and their 1,300+ locations across North America. His areas of focus included strategic expansion, innovation, franchise operations, and marketing.

Ware is invited to speak at several hospitality and franchising industry conferences as a guest speaker every year. He also acts as a consultant for up-and-coming brands.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Ware has also established a reputation for himself as a franchisee and investor in other brands. His background as a franchisee leader and an investor has given him unique insight into both sides of the relationship.

The restaurant industry constantly confronts new disruptive forces that require board-level attention. Mr. Ware is widely expected to add significant value by providing a fresh perspective and assisting the Board in making objective decisions.

Bringing new expertise and unbiased advice to Milagro’s Board will, without a doubt, boost the company’s legitimacy. It will assist in ensuring that Milagro’s all-in-one technology platform can meet the individual needs of a small business owner or an enterprise-size organization.

Let’s take a closer look at Kendall Ware’s excellent resume to get a feel of the enormity of his appointment to Milagro’s Board of Advisors. Before being an executive at Focus Brands, leading their two most iconic brands, Kendall Ware had already risen to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer at Orange Leaf by the age of 30.

Orange Leaf is a treat franchise with more than 200 locations in 30 states, Australia, Dubai, and Mexico. Ware co-founded Humble Donut Co., a small donut and artisan coffee chain, with members of his Orange Leaf leadership team. This was used as a co-branding strategy to increase revenue.

Ware also bought Old School Bagel and started their first franchising scheme to boost total value and maximize efficiency through shared services. At Orange Leaf, his efforts helped the company reverse a seven-year sales downturn by generating positive comp sales for two years in a row. It also contributed to an increase in AUV and a considerable improvement in franchisee satisfaction.

In late 2020, Ware oversaw the sale of Orange Leaf and Humble Donut Co. to Brix Holdings/JAMCO Interests, the parent company of Red Mango, Smoothie Factory, and Friendly’s.

He is also a recipient of the Oklahoma 30 under 30 award. Before joining Orange Leaf, Ware had leadership experience at CiCi’s Pizza and Genghis Grill, among other franchised restaurants. Ware spearheaded training and operations initiatives to improve product quality at CiCi’s Pizza, which resulted in higher guest satisfaction and same-store sales growth for the company’s almost 500 locations.

At Genghis Grill, Ware created a comprehensive set of operating systems, processes, and people that allowed the company to grow from 7 to 100 locations in just four years.

Hamed Mazrouei, Milagro’s Founder and CEO, had this to say about Kendall Ware joining the company: “We are overjoyed to have such a young and visionary voice on our board. We strongly believe that the addition of such a forward-thinking leader and industry expert will enable Milagro to deliver on its mission to change the restaurant industry and revolutionize the way brands engage with their guests.”

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