Maintaining Your Restaurant’s Exterior
The external design of your restaurant has a significant impact on how people view your business and can help you attract clients quickly and easily. A unique façade will also help your eatery stand out, attracting customers and developing a reputation.
Publishing date 11/16/2021
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Outdoor dining is one of the main pleasures of for many people. This is great news for restaurant owners: even a minor investment in the façade of your establishment can pay off handsomely.

However, regardless of the size of your outdoor dining space, your restaurant’s Milagro cloud POS system is an excellent tool for optimizing its commercial potential.

It’s no secret that first impressions are crucial in the restaurant industry. There’s no avoiding the fact that stains from drinks, gum, food, sauces, and the elements will eventually develop on your restaurant’s patios and pathways.

If you own or operate a restaurant with a patio in desperate need of a makeover, the tips we’re about to give you will hopefully inspire you to get started right now.

The importance of curb appeal

The external design of your restaurant has a significant impact on how people view your business and can help you attract clients quickly and easily. A unique façade will also help your eatery stand out, attracting customers and developing a reputation.

Curb appeal demonstrates that the restaurant owner is committed to offering a high-quality experience and that the building’s façade makes a positive impression on customers and guests.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to ensure that your restaurant appears as good on the outside as it tastes when customers walk through the doors and sit down.

Why should you clean your outside surfaces?

With time, the dark trails created by foot activity will only get worse. Stains and organic accumulation work in the same way, and they reinforce each other. Taking more proactive actions to address these issues saves time and money in the long run.

Maintenance is straightforward after an initial pressure washing of the patio. To maintain the aesthetics of their outdoor sitting, most establishments can get away with cleaning their patios only once a month.

Maintaining your entrance free of rubbish should be one of your top objectives. Burned-out bulbs, desiccated plants, and broken pots are also a turnoff and may convey a false impression about your restaurant’s overall neatness and cleanliness.

Why you need pressure washing

In both residential and business settings, pressure washing has swiftly become one of the most common means of cleaning a range of surfaces. Pressure washing is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, including sidewalks, patios, and residential property exteriors.

Pressure washing can remove practically any form of grime or stain from any surface and restore a clean, like-new appearance when done by a professional.

You’ll find a variety of contaminants on decks, outside walls, and sidewalks, ranging in severity from dirt to dangerous mold. These potentially dangerous pollutants are blasted away by pressure washing, ensuring that your customers are breathing the purest air possible.

Your Awning and Windows

Keeping the exterior of your windows clean is just as important as the inside, regardless of the additional work it entails. It’s critical for both gratifying guests who are eating inside your restaurant and attracting passers-by.

After all, merely gazing out a restaurant window and seeing dirty glass may cause a consumer to lose their appetite. Any potential consumers passing by your restaurant will notice dirty windows and assume that the interior is also dirty.

Maintain a clean and prominent sign

Not only should your signage be tidy, but it should also be visible. Lighting the signs, cutting trees and shrubs, and repainting as needed may be required. It’s also crucial to make sure that pedestrians and automobiles can see your restaurant’s address.

You can update your message on a digital sign to advertise breakfast, lunch, supper, or happy hour at the bar. Signs with personalized marketing messaging can improve their capacity to attract clients.

The font chosen on the sign is frequently given little to no consideration. The font you pick, on the other hand, might say a lot about your business. Some fonts are considered quite professional, while others are considered more casual.

When first designing your sign, it’s a good idea to consult a graphic designer to assist you to choose the perfect font for your venue.

Mood and Service in a Restaurant

The ambiance of your restaurant’s exterior dining area is also affected by the service and training of your workers. Are the hosts giddy with excitement, or are they cool, collected, and in perfect control? Are they whining and hurrying to and from the POS system, or are they in command and promoting the vibe you desire?

Customers find it difficult to unwind if the staff all around them isn’t contributing to a soothing atmosphere and culture

Using Milagro cloud POS to improve customer service

These days, cloud-based point-of-sale systems are rapidly becoming the industry norm. These technologies will help you optimize your firm in a variety of ways, from inventory and reporting to management tools and customer service.

The majority of Americans are technologically savvy. Because a cloud-based POS is hardware-agnostic and operates in a virtual environment, it may support features like ordering from mobile devices, such as a tablet.

A tablet ordering system is a table-to-kitchen ordering system that allows your servers to take orders and transfer them directly to the kitchen via your Milagro cloud POS software.

Your wait staff will no longer have to go around in circles, and the entire process of taking an order will become so efficient that it will have a positive impact on the restaurant’s profitability, customer satisfaction, and even employee turnover.

For more information on how Milagro Restaurant Operating System can take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today!

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