How To Set Up Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are an excellent way to increase customer loyalty while also increasing revenue for your small business. Read on for best practices and examples for establishing a successful loyalty program based on insights from thousands of businesses that use Milagro’s loyalty app.
Publishing date 04/14/2022
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Is your company prepared to launch a loyalty program that extends beyond a gift with purchase or an incentive for returning customers? Customers that are rewarded for their loyalty might bring a lot of benefits to your business.

Even if cheaper options exist, more than 39% of customers will spend more at restaurants where they have strong loyalty. Sixty percent of them will refer them to others.

Earning customer loyalty is more difficult than it appears. Consumers today are more goal-oriented than ever before, and research shows that they are more likely to stick with brands that help them achieve their objectives.

It makes no difference if they have a positive history with your brand; if a competitor makes a better offer, the customer will accept it. The steps outlined below can assist your company in staying ahead of the competition and building a loyal customer base.

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to increase customer loyalty while also increasing revenue for your small business. So the question isn’t whether you should build a loyalty program, but when.

Read on for best practices and examples for establishing a successful loyalty program based on insights from thousands of businesses that use Milagro’s loyalty app

Implement a multichannel customer service system.

Understanding your customer’s needs is essential for gaining their loyalty. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to connect with your customers, especially when they require assistance.

This gives your customers multiple ways to contact your support team, increasing customer engagement. The more of these customer interactions you have, the more likely you are to have a positive impact on their customer experience.

The goal of providing an omnichannel experience is to enable multiple channels to provide world-class customer service. When your brand’s messaging remains on point and consistent across platforms, channels, and electronic devices, you will have the most effective omnichannel experiences.

According to studies, when customers can easily contact customer service, their satisfaction skyrockets. This is especially important when your customers are frustrated and require assistance.

Using support desk and live chat solutions to let your customer care personnel cover many channels at once is a terrific way to save time. AI chatbots can assist smaller teams to reduce the effort of organizing and redistributing incoming requests without needing to hire more personnel.

Use the Milagro Loyalty App

Customers today aren’t thrilled with the thought of having to bring their paper cards with them and have them punched every time they make a purchase. Making them download an app is increasingly viewed as a bother rather than a benefit.

The truth is that gaining loyal clients requires going above and beyond, not forcing them to download an app or flooding them with messages pleading for their money. The good news is that you can use Milagro’s Loyalty App to get around those issues.

Here are some of the awesome features of our powerful Milagro Loyalty App:

  • POS integration: Milagro’s loyalty app is currently linked with SmartPOS. The POS loyalty program feature assists business owners and operators in effectively managing their loyalty programs. It helps retailers keep track of their customers’ information by storing their purchase histories.

Even better, some advanced POS systems, such as Milagro, can send automated notifications to customers who are about to advance to the next tier.

  • Super easy to join: Milagro’s restaurant loyalty app is unique in that it allows customers to sign up immediately from the POS system when they make a transaction. Best of all, it does not ask the guest to pay for the app, and there are no programs to download if the user already has too many apps.
  • Actionable customer insights: Milagro’s artificial intelligence scans all customers and selects those who qualify to be brand ambassadors, rewarding them for spreading your restaurant’s marketing messages and driving revenue.

As a result, they’ll be eligible for VIP access, status, freebies, and, most importantly, delicious meals!

  • Engaging rewards programs: Today’s generation enjoys bragging about the benefits they receive and promoting them on social media. You can even reward them with free hats, shirts, or a private meal with the chef!

Concentrate on the consumer rather than the competitors

Keeping up with what your competitors are doing is a healthy habit to cultivate. It should not, however, be your sole focus. After all, what works for them may or may not work for your company.

That being said, you want to be able to draw their customers’ attention to your brand. It’s a good idea to look at what your competitors are doing and go a level or two above what they’re offering.

Getting big outcomes in your customer loyalty programs is the consequence of a series of small decisions. Keep in mind that you aren’t always swinging for the fences. Every interaction with a customer, every product purchase, and every recommendation from a committed customer contributes to brand loyalty.

Make a marketing plan for outreach

Create an outreach marketing campaign that will keep customers engaged even when they aren’t in your restaurant physically or virtually. Text and email are commonly used for outreach marketing, and messaging services are included with loyalty program software like Milagro.

You can use Milagro’s Loyalty software to send out automated messages based on predefined triggers. You can, for example, schedule marketing nudges to correspond with your sales schedule or send them out when a customer hasn’t visited in a month.

Use Milagro to earn loyal customers

Creating an efficient customer loyalty program can have a significant impact on your total business. You should take care to develop a loyalty program that is by your brand and will speak to your clients. This includes how you brand your interface to the benefits you provide to the overall structure.

Use the steps in the instructions above to help you through each step of creating your loyalty program, and watch as customers return time again. Contact our Milagro team today for more information on how to develop an enticing customer loyalty program.

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