5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Restaurant Analytics Platform
Using Milagro’s cloud POS software and analytics lets you record useful KPIs for analyzing everything from sales to labor. The sheer volume of data available might be overwhelming.
Publishing date 01/27/2022
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If you’re not using a restaurant analytics platform like Milagro, you’re falling behind. According to studies, nearly 80% of restaurateurs use their restaurant analytics platform daily to review their data.

In the age of big data, analytics are critical for restaurant operations and growth. This is because your restaurant’s analytics show you exactly what works and what needs to be improved.

Customer and market opportunities change quickly, prompting a never-ending series of questions. Analytics, on the other hand, moves slowly due to development cycles, limited resources, and inadequate IT infrastructure.

Your legacy systems are holding you back

Historically, hospitality businesses relied on multiple systems to collect as much client data as possible. These include reservation management systems for filling tables, email marketing for client communications, and POS systems for tracking sales.

However, switching from system to system to draw and analyze data is, unsurprisingly, inefficient.

As a result, restaurateurs frequently find themselves with more data than they know what to do with. When data is ignored instead of used to gain actionable insights that improve the business, it becomes useless.

Using Milagro’s powerful restaurant analytics platform ensures that your valuable data does not go to waste. Let’s go over some of our favorite ways to use client data to boost revenue and improve operational efficiency.

Innovative Ways to Use Your Restaurant Analytics Platform

Using Milagro’s cloud POS software and analytics lets you record useful KPIs for analyzing everything from sales to labor. The sheer volume of data available might be overwhelming.

Check out five innovative approaches to get more out of your restaurant analytics software:

  1. Get the SmartMENUS your restaurant needs:
     SmartMENUS by Milagro is a digital menu that allows you to view photos, nutritional information, and allergy information for each item. There’s no need to install anything. Scanning the QR code on the table will bring up the SmartMENUS screen on your device. SmartMENUS by Milagro can give restaurant owners a competitive advantage. By managing their entire menu online, they can make changes on the fly and help increase guest satisfaction.SmartMENUS enables you to promote and arrange menus in real-time. It also makes it easy for your customers to spread the word about your company on social media. Set it and forget it and watch your profits soar.
  2. Improve employee scheduling using restaurant analytics:
    Business analytics can indicate the busiest days for a restaurant over time and for certain periods. Bringing in too many employees on a slow day raises your labor costs. Sales and customer service may suffer as a result of being understaffed. As a restaurant owner/operator, you understand that employee scheduling is a problem that impacts every restaurant. That’s why you need Milagro’s employee scheduling software for your restaurant.Milagro allows you to generate schedules in minutes from anywhere and immediately notify all staff. Employee performance statistics are also available, as well as labor optimization based on sales and historical data.
  3. Improve marketing campaigns by using sales data:
     Most restaurants waste money by employing the same mass marketing techniques as their competitors. As a result of a lack of specific customer data and expertise, they end up losing money. Understanding your customer’s shopping behavior is the first step in running a successful marketing campaign. Customer transaction data can be used to deliver highly profitable, targeted advertising at precisely the right time.This can encourage customers to spend more money by increasing the number of visits and upselling. Milagro’s Restaurant Operating System (ROS) includes everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign. You’ll be able to see exactly how much money you made from each active campaign down to the penny.
  4. Advanced inventory management capabilities:
    According to studies, restaurants in the United States waste up to $162 billion in food each year. There is a huge opportunity for restaurants to reduce food waste and thus lower their overall food costs. Predictive features are common in inventory management software in the digital age. This means they can look at historical data to see which goods are most and least frequently requested.You’ll also know which ingredients are most likely to be wasted. They can also change your inventory requirements automatically to reduce waste.
  5. Incentivize Using Sales Data From Point-of-Sale:
    The cloud POS software from Milagro gives detailed sales analytics for specific menu items and servers. Using the available statistics, you may figure out which servers are upselling the most things. This information can be used to establish a weekly or monthly incentive for servers to promote more menu items like appetizers and desserts. The server who performs the best is rewarded with a gift card or a small bonus with their next pay.The software tracks each transaction, providing you with accurate, real-time sales data. You can use the data to analyze your employees’ performance as well as track statistics for an incentive program.

Start tracking your restaurant analytics right now!

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