How Much Revenue
Do You Lose From Internet Downtime

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Phones for Restaurants

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Thousands of RESTAURANTS TRUST VIVANT to keep them connected

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

750 Live Locations

Spring Creek Barbeque

39 Live Locations

Papa Johns
Double Dave's Pizza works
Blaze Pizza

350 Live Locations

CowBoy Chicken

20 Live Locations

LongHorn Steakhouse

9 Live Locations

Cane Rosso

12 Live Locations


17 Live Location

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Say goodbye to outages

#No Internet & Phone Outages

No Internet and Phone Outage

How It Works

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We install a primary internet service.
We install SmartCONNECT backup.
SmartCONNECT monitors the primary internet,
when it detects an outage, it smoothly switches to the backup internet so you never miss a beat.

Our Client Testimonials

Jen Osborne | Jimmy John’s, Bartow, FL

“At Jimmy John’s we have Vivant internet. This is amazing. This Internet never goes down. Never. I would strongly recommend Vivant for your business because it makes all the difference for us!”

Anthony Marshall | Jimmy John’s, Winter Haven, FL

“Vivant is by far the best internet, back-up internet provider that I have ever experienced. I have been through Spectrum, Frontier and Verizon and by far Vivant is the most, best popular one that I absolutely love!”

Jared Law | Jimmy John’s, Lakeland, FL

“We love Vivant here because we use them for our backup internet provider. So whenever we lose internet in the area, everybody’s still able to come in Jimmy John’s. We’re still able to use their credit cards!”