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Overpaying for OpenTable or Resy?
SWITCH to SmartWAIT, Now!
$199 Flat Fee.
14-Day Free Trial

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10x Better. 10x Easier. Half the Cost!

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Maximize table turnover to increase profits

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Accept reservations 24/7 online

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Never pay cover fees

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Use customer data to personalize your marketing

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Increase your 5-star reviews with integration to SmartX

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With integration to SmartMENUS, customers can browse through a beautiful menu with pictures and daily specials before being seated

Switching from OpenTable, Yelp or Resy?
Switching to SmartWAIT is easy!

You’ve made the SMART decision to get more and pay less.

Use your existing iPad

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Download the SmartWAIT app

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Waitlist and Reservations in ONE App

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Setup your table layout from the app

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Create your tables and floor plan in 5 minutes

Add your servers and assign them to the tables

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Increase server productivity through efficient table assignment.

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Online Reservations from Anywhere

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Accept reservations from your social media pages.

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Accept reservations from your website

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No reservation fees ever.

Manage your waitlist

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Reduce the burden on your staff by letting the customer join the waitlist themselves.

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SWITCH to SmartWAIT Now! For $199 Flat Fee!

10x Better. 10x Easier. Half the Cost!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the internet goes down?

SmartWAIT app is cloud-based, a reliable internet connection is required. If the internet is down, you are unable to send any text notifications to your customers.

Your online reservations will continue to be active and once the internet is restored, your tablet will sync.

We do offer a 100% up-time guarantee internet service via our SmartCONNECT in order to solve this problem.

Is there any cover fees for wait list or reservations?

No, we do not charge any fees for cover fees, text messages or other fees.

Your monthly fee is all that you pay regardless of covers.

Does SmartWAIT integrate to POS?

Yes, currently SmartWAIT is deeply integrated into SmartPOS which means once you seat John on table 14 from the SmartWAIT app, SmartPOS knows table 14 is John.

Once John pays and the check is closed, SmartWAIT will automatically know that table 14 is available. You do not need to have someone walk around the restaurant and mark tables as open like the traditional systems like OpenTable, Resi, NoWait and etc.

Does SmartWAIT show customer data to hostess?

Yes, once you type in the area code and the next 3 digits of the phone number, SmartWAIT will automatically find the customer and display the customer Name, VIP status, Allergies and etc so your hostess can personalize the service to each individual customer.

Can I limit online reservations?

Yes! You can easily limit how far into the future you can accept reservations, the Maximum number of parties per reservation, and maximum reservations per any time slot

Can I block certain days or hours?

Yes, you can block an entire day or block specific time slots so online reservations are unavailable during these times, however, your staff can override this by making the reservation via SmartWAIT app

Where can I see my upcoming reservations?

You will automatically receive a daily summary of all of your reservations.

Every day, you can also see your reservations for that day. You can also view the reservations for any day in the future directly from the SmartWAIT app.

Can I disable reservations from the app?

Yes, you can easily turn reservations off from your SmartWAIT app or the Milagro Cloud.