Tips On Hiring Delivery Drivers
Delivery drivers can be both a valuable asset and a major headache for your restaurant delivery service. A professional, friendly driver can add a touch of great personal service to each customer interaction as the face of your business to your customer.
Publishing date 07/19/2022
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Delivery drivers can be both a valuable asset and a major headache for your restaurant delivery service. A professional, friendly driver can add a touch of great personal service to each customer interaction as the face of your business to your customer.

However, even if the food is delicious, it can ruin your customer’s experience if they are not prompt and organized.

Fortunately, technological tools can help your delivery drivers provide excellent service on top of your excellent food. There are delivery apps and online ordering apps, and now restaurant delivery management platforms like Milagro can be portable as well.

When you handle delivery internally, you have a lot of control. But along with that authority also comes the duty of overseeing your fleet of delivery vehicles. For restaurants that are just starting with delivery, that might be a herculean task.

To get you started, consider the following tips for hiring the best delivery drivers for your restaurant:

Best Practices For Hiring Delivery Drivers

When it comes to selecting your restaurant delivery system strategy, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider. Let us investigate them all!

Choosing between using third-party delivery services and hiring your drivers

Pros of working with 3rd party delivery drivers:

  •     There is no need to do the hiring yourself: If you want to save time, hiring a third-party delivery service may be the best option because they have the tools needed to ensure proper delivery. Hiring a third party relieves you of the burden of managing the delivery process, allowing you to devote more time to your business.
  •     Large driver network: With access to a larger fleet of drivers, you can fill more orders than if you hired a few drivers directly. Many third-party businesses help you attract new customers by expanding your reach through applications and marketing tools.
  •     You don’t need to worry about car insurance: When you use a third-party app, you won’t need to worry about auto insurance, liability insurance, or damage to corporate vehicles. The third-party will cover all of these obligations.

Cons of hiring 3rd party delivery drivers:

  •     High commission costs: Many third-party services charge ridiculous commission fees. These additional expenses, particularly from higher-margin sales of alcohol or other beverages, can wipe out any potential earnings.

Hiring Your In-House Drivers

  •     A close relationship fosters greater trust: You can ensure that your delivery service adheres to your restaurant’s quality standards by employing a dedicated driver. Having dedicated drivers also ensures that your food is handled properly.
  •     Make sure you’re providing the best customer experience: Drivers allow you to control the client experience from the time an order ticket is received until the meal is delivered. This oversight may result in a more positive client experience and a higher likelihood of repeat business.
  •     Multidisciplinary training: A dedicated team member can be cross-trained in several areas of your restaurant’s operations. Employees are motivated by this technique because they can see themselves working for your company in the future. This level of employee trust can lead to improved services.

Cons Of Hiring In-House Drivers

  •     Large initial investment: Many restaurants lack the necessary initial financial resources to recruit, hire, and train new employees. Signing up for a third-party service may be an appealing option due to a lack of resources.
  •     Car insurance and maintenance costs: You will require a business auto policy if you choose to purchase delivery vehicles. The cost of upkeep, liability insurance, and vehicle customization must all be taken into account. These costs pile up each month.

How to Find and Hire Delivery Drivers

Find suitable candidates

Fortunately, in today’s technological world, there are numerous ways to advertise delivery jobs. Indeed and other online job candidate websites are good places to start. In addition, ask current employees and use your existing social media networks to identify potential candidates.

Give them a proper interview

The interview process can reveal whether a candidate is a good fit. Here are some questions to ask potential delivery drivers:

  •     What influenced your choice to apply?
  •     What do you think about working on the weekends, on holidays, or at night, etc.?
  •     Do you have any prior delivery experience?
  •     How’s your record on the road?

Run background checks on a person’s driving record

Verify your candidate’s answers as soon as possible. The delivery driver represents your restaurant and is responsible for many other things in addition to driving the company vehicle.

Verify their driving record is spotless and that their license is up to date. Look into their background to discover if there are any further warning signs.

Get your paperwork in order

All documentation must be updated to ensure that your delivery person can legally drive your car. This documentation includes changes to your delivery driver’s license, registration, and auto insurance.

Recruit and train your drivers

Although it may seem like you should skip this step (especially if you hired a seasoned driver), it doesn’t hurt to go over safety practices, your restaurant’s policy, and what to do in the event of an accident. You can avoid more complications by giving your driver a summary.

Set a delivery radius

Now that you have drivers, you can choose your delivery radius. A fixed delivery radius reduces confusion, saves gas, and does other things. Another option is to define your delivery radius before the interview process, especially if you have a larger delivery zone. This allows you to hire drivers who are experts in specific delivery areas.

Hire great delivery drivers for your restaurant

Restaurants would be wise to join in and get a piece of the delivery pie with food delivery on the rise. Choosing whether to use a third-party service or your fleet is a big decision, so consider your options carefully.

Having delivery options, in any case, exposes your company to a new revenue stream and more customers. That means more profits for your company in these uncertain times.

For more information about how to improve your restaurant operations, get in touch with Milagro today. 

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