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QR Code Based Digital Menu

Take Your Restaurant Business To The Next Level

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Take Your Restaurant Business To The
Next Level

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Pictures sell, add pictures of every item

Add pictures of every item to entice your customers to try new items. Sell more appetizers and desserts by showcasing delicious pictures.

Happy hour, Holiday or daily specials? Schedule them and forget about it, they automatically show up when the QR code is scanned during those times. Change your items daily, create different promotions and keep your guest informed of the Thanksgiving specials, Valentines Day or upcoming events!

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Schedule & forget daily specials

No app

Scan the QR code and go. No apps to download, no fuss. Just easy to view, mobile-friendly menu that showcases daily specials, pictures and reviews

Update and change the menu or specials online in real-time from anywhere!

Let your customers order from the table to speed up service and reduce service complaints, let them split and pay for their check anyway they want, no more waiting for check!

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Order and Pay
at Table

What is a SmartMENUSTM?

Are You Looking for Something Smarter and Cost-Effective over Digital Board or Paper Menu?


How QR Code Based Digital SmartMenus Work?

Manage Your Restaurant Faster and Smarter

Sca QR Code

Open the camera on your smartphone, point it to the QR code on the table, and scan it.

View The Menu

View, filter, and choose a dish or a daily special without even downloading an app.

Easy Payment

Order and make a payment using ApplePay, PayPal, or other digital payment services.

Daily Specials

View the daily specials without having to ask the server to repeat it because they gave you 3 specials in 60 seconds!


Read reviews, leave reviews about every dish. Sort by highest rates items on the menu for the first time ever!


Yes, you can enable table ordering, print the QR codes for each table to allow the customers to order and pay at the table to lessen the burden on servers.

Yes, customers can split the check any which way they want, either by picking the items they want to pay for or split it evenly among themselves.

Yes, through our MenuAnalytics, you can check which items are being view the most, which ones customers click on most often and more.

Yes, you can create and schedule as many items as you want. The QR code remains the same. Milagro has created a unique QR code that allows you to point it to any menu at any time without changing the QR code.

Yes, you can upload as many pictures of each item as you want, however, we do not support videos for items. For advanced dish preparation videos, please contact our support to address such functionalities.

The order flow is exactly the same as if the server input the order on the POS system.

No. each transaction is unique, unless the user goes to each table and scans the QR code, they cannot place an order. Furthermore, once the user leaves the restaurant, if they refresh the page, they will not see the current check opened.

Yes, you can enable or disable this option to allow your customers to share a specific item on social media and leave a 5-star review for that specific item.