Wait List & Reservations, Simplified

One App, Two Robust Solutions

Milagro’s SmartWAIT Reservation & Wait List management allows you to manage your reservations and wait list, run analytics, and build guest profiles automatically. Let your customers make reservations online and join the list remotely.

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Increase guest satisfaction & Sales

Waiting in line while being hungry is a very stressful process. The traditional phone reservation system is outdated and not always convenient to use.

Increase guest satisfaction by reducing their times to a few minutes while increasing table turn over and maximizing sales by serving more customers per hour.

Wait List and Reservations, Simplified.

Join The Wait List

Add guests to the waitlist or allow them to join the list remotely

Make A Reservation

Allow guests to make reservations online on your website, google or social media. No cover fees.

Notify Via Text

Notify a guest via text message when they join the list and when their table is ready.


Improve operations based on facts. Analytics on Wait Time, Table turn over, Guest Counts and more.

Waitlist and Reservations Simplified

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Wait List

Allow customers to join the list and be notified via text messages to arrive minutes before being seated. SmartWAIT allows the customer to join the list, view their place in the queue, even browse the menu before being seated.

Make smarter decisions by viewing analytics to see true waiting times, use of table capacity and turnover times. Get rid of the old laminated table charts and use technology to make the most of your business, leaving your competitors wondering how you do it.

Online Reservations

Book tables ahead by using reservations and forecast sales & labor. Control how many reservations can be made per each time slot, block busy days or times from reservations and never pay a cover fee to make reservations. One app, two important functionality and one low cost.

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Why SmartWAIT


SmartWAIT is built for iOS so you can use any Apple Tablet. Each subscription allows you the use of unlimited tablets per location.

Yes, you are able to block any future dates or even block specific times everyday so reservations are not available. This is very useful for busy lunch or dinner times. Furthermore, your staff can still overbook reservation slots that are full, however, the customers online are not able to.

You can also configure how far in advance you allow reservations, limit the number of parties per reservation and number of reservations per time slot.

Currently SmartWAIT integrates into SmartPOS but not 3rd party POS systems. When a party is seated from SmartWAIT, the SmartPOS automatically knows all the table details about that customer.

No, the monthly fee is flat regardless of how many reservations or covers.

Yes, you can email a daily summary of all your reservations made everyday. All daily reservations are also displayed on your tablet so you can make arrangements and even assign them to tables at the beginning of the shift. Once you select the table, those tables will automatically go to Reserved status 15 minutes prior to the actual reservation.

Yes! We love such creative ideas to have  DIY to lessen the burden on your staff. Just print the QR code and post it on your door, at the hostess stand or anywhere else and let the customers scan it and join the list!

Yes! When customers join the waitlist, if you have configured SmartMENUS, they will get a link to the menu so they can browse the menu electronically while they wait.

Yes, you can configure to send out a text message reminder to customers for their upcoming reservation.