WaitList and Reservation Management Software

Easy to Use

Join The Wait List

Add guests to the waitlist or allow them to join the list remotely.

Make A Reservation

Allow guests to make reservations online on your website, google or social media. No cover fees.

Notify Via Text

Notify a guest via text message when they join the list and when their table is ready.


Improve operations based on facts. Analytics on Wait Time, Table turn over, Guest Counts and more.

What is SmartWAIT™?

SmartWAIT™ is a complete Wait List and Reservation management system in one, operated entirely on an iPad. Allow your guests to join the list remotely and make reservations anytime. Efficiently manage your wait list during peak hours, run analytics and build guest profiles automatically. Guests can wander off and check their place in line with queue management without downloading an app and return just in time to be seated. No more buzzers and the headache of paging systems, notify your guest via text message.

Features of SmartWAIT™

Turn tables faster, increase your sales per hour

  • Faster table turns during peak times means more guests served which means more sales. Efficiently and effectively fill tables with no wasted time. No one likes waiting in lines, let you guest join the Wait List and show up just in time and reduce walkouts because of long wait times.

Table analytics

  • Full table analytics on table turns, average guest dining time, average wait time and use this data to properly configure your layout.
  • If the majority of your guests are 4 parties, why have 50% of tables built for 6+? Learn, adapt and make more money.

Pre-order while you wait

  • Using SmartMENUS™ integration, give the guest the option to view the menu and even pre-order before being seated which helps increase table turns, which makes more money. The guest can review the menu, order their appetizer and let the order fire to kitchen just in time to be prepared by the time they are seated.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Accurately estimate wait time for guests

Allow guests to join the waitlist before they arrive to reduce their wait time at the restaurant

Online reservations without cover fees. Automatically shows on iPad the day of

Integrates into SmartMENUS™ so guest can browse the menu before they are seated

Ready to Start?

Sign up and get access instantly to your account. Your system is pre-configured and ready to start in minutes. If you have multiple locations and require a multi-location setup, contact us for more detail.

Loved and Trusted by thousands of Restaurants

Going from laminated seating chart to an electronic one is a night and day difference. So much easier to manage our wait list and reservations on busy nights with SmartWAIT. I highly recommend SmartWAIT to any restaurant.

Restaurant Owner

John Doe

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