When it comes to running a successful restaurant business, one of the best investments you can make is in a world-class POS system. Your POS is an invaluable tool because it holds transactional data about your customers. Without your customers, your business will never stay competitive.

If correctly monetized, customer transactional data is worth millions of dollars. The challenge with traditional POS systems is being able to intelligently gather customer transactional data to improve the restaurant business’s back-office operations.

Your Outdated POS System Is Costing You Money

Updating your point-of-sale system is no longer an optional investment. Updating your POS system is critical if you want to keep your business competitive. If you don’t agree with this notion, learn about some of the many ways that older systems cost businesses money.

  1. Errors that occur frequently: Customers usually enter a business because they have a specific requirement. As a result, once they find what they want, they want to pay for it and get out of there as soon as possible.
    If your out-of-date POS system keeps malfunctioning, your consumers will find it increasingly difficult to achieve this aim.

  2. Limitations of Remote Connectivity: The notion that a company can only have one physical location is no longer valid. Some restaurants, for example, feature food trucks and kiosks in addition to their actual site.
    It’s crucial to be able to track sales for these mobile setups in real-time in case the location needs to close early due to low sales, but regrettably, older POS systems don’t support this type of connectivity.

  3. Inventory problems: It’s critical to keep your inventory under check for a few reasons. To begin with, it ensures that you do not overorder things and that you only purchase what you need to replenish your inventory.
    Second, balancing your inventory decreases the chances of you running out of merchandise when your clients want to buy it.

SmartPOS by Milagro Is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

Milagro has made a name for itself in the restaurant industry as a leader in point-of-sale technology. Their dedication to assisting restaurant owners of all types is unrivaled by their competition.

Milagro’s SmartPOS platform was created to address many of the problems that older POS systems caused restaurant owners. Simply put, Milagro’s SmartPOS technology promises to be the ultimate Restaurant Operating System (ROS).

Milagro integrates smart apps with the following powerful features to help business owners:

  • Cloud-based management makes it simple to modify menus and pricing in real-time.
  • Online ordering, loyalty, gift cards, and employee scheduling are all built-in apps.
  • Always available with a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Establish a new site in a matter of hours, not weeks.

The Smartest POS Built for the Restaurant Industry

SmartPOS, with its simple-to-use and dependable features, allows you to open a new location in just a few hours. Best of all, you’ll be able to start managing your business from start to finish.

Restaurant operators will be able to save time and money while increasing productivity by using Milagro’s dependable SmartPOS system and enhanced features. Furthermore, they will be able to manage all areas of their sales with only a few clicks and from a single location.

Managing orders received online, in-person, and through third-party delivery services can be notoriously difficult. Milagro’s SmartPOS is created and built to eliminate frequent pain points while meeting the most demanding orders of clients.

How Milagro SmartPOS works

Milagro integrates Smart Innovations with its built-in online orders, allowing you to view the status of all orders from any terminal. You can quickly modify each item using unlimited modifiers and options with an easy-to-use order entry system, eliminating the need to train new staff. Adding or updating menu categories takes seconds, and changes are synced in real-time to all terminals.

Milagro collects guest transactional data intelligently by automatically creating profiles for each individual that provide insight into their purchasing behavior. This enables you to send highly targeted, personalized, and automated messages while focusing on highly profitable promotions and tracking the exact ROI of each marketing campaign.

Guest convenience should also be a top priority; with Milagro, you can now join a Loyalty Program or redeem rewards right from the POS. It also includes a Gift Card program that allows you to check balances, sell, and redeem gift cards.

Milagro offers merchants the best solution for each type of restaurant. Access to critical resources, such as SmartWAIT for waitlists and reservations for fine dining, is one of them. With guest-facing displays, ordering and paying via Tablet POS and QR code, and much more, you can easily obtain e-tips and e-signature to make life easier and check out faster.

Checking the status of your sales overall or per server is another built-in feature of this SmartPOS system.

For more questions, get in touch with Milagro today!