Internet Outages
Costing You
Thousands in Losses?

We offer 100% up-time guarantee

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What is SmartCONNECT?

Meet SmartCONNECT™, our cutting-edge solution for a 100% connectivity uptime. Losing internet and phone service for any business is detrimental, not being able to use cloud applications, answering calls, processing payments, receiving online orders, and more. We have you covered via our SmartCONNECT™ technology that keeps your connection up even when there is an outage with your Service Provider.


Why Business Should Buy SmartCONNECT?


You cannot process payments

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You lose online orders


You lose Access to Cloud

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You lose Phone Services

How it Works?

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SmartCONNECT monitors your

Primary Internet Connection.

When there is an outage on your
primary internet, Smartconnect switches your service to a secondary connections within seconds and you will not be impacted by the outage

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When primary service is restored, Smartconnect will monitor the
connection for 5 minutes to ensure
connection is healthy and then
switch back to the primary
connection again.


SmartCONNECT is designed specifically for this purpose. When your primary internet goes down, the backup internet will automatically get activated and you can continue running your business as normal.

We source and find the most reliable and cost effective solution per location. You will be billed directly through Milagro and not deal with the underlying Internet Service Providers (ISP).

It can be set up and installed in as little as 1 hour and usually takes about one week to process your order and ship the device out to you.

No. It will only keep your phones up and running if you are using our phone service. Combined with our phone service will ensure that you receive 100% up-time on internet and phone service.

Yes, it can be deployed to any area in the United States. Based on our partnership with all major carriers, we are not limited to any geographical boundaries.