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About Milagro

Milagro is an Ai powered Marketing Automation platform built for multi-location restaurants and retailers. Milagro automatically creates a profile of every customer and tags them with their preferences and uses this data to individually and effectively advertise to them, while measuring the ROI of each customer and campaign.

Milagro’s solutions include SmartPOS, Wait List & Reservations, Customer Experience Management, Online Ordering, SmartMENUS (QR Code, Digital Menus) with tableside ordering & payments, Gift Cards, Loyalty, PCI Compliance, Managed Network Security, Primary Internet, Backup Internet, and Phone Service.

We provide a complete solution through a simple, unified, and transparent platform that runs your entire sales, operations, HR, and marketing. Furthermore, we allow others to innovate and build on top of our platform through an Open API, unlike NCR Aloha.

The Milagro Benefits

  • PIncrease Sales by $150,000
  • PConsolidate 15 Vendors Into ONE
  • PIncrease My 5-Star Reviews
  • PIncrease Employee Efficiency
  • PReduce Costs by Saving 20%