Experience Management

User experience is one of the key factors in the restaurant business. Most of the customers expect to get a nice meal and pleasant service when visiting restaurants. Having digital customer experience management software will increase the efficiency of getting better UX results in your restaurant.

Turn Your Unhappy Guests Into Most Loyal Guests

Indeed, a lot depends on food quality when considering the restaurant’s customer experience. However, there is a list of other factors that can make your guests unhappy. Waiting lists, queues, menus, and waiters may cause trouble for your service. Thus, digital customer experience management software is the best solution for tracking the real user experience


Having digital waitlists and menus you simply improve the service of your restaurant which increases the satisfaction among your guests. Integrating SmartX digital customer experience management software will measure how effective your service tools operate.

How SmartXTM Works

1 Invite the users to provide feedback.
2 Analyze and sort in real-time.
send good
3 Send good reviews to social media to increase 5-star reviews..
send poor
4 Send poor reviews to management to remedy the situadtion.
bring all
5 Bring all users back with enticing offers and track actual ROI.

Get Customer Feedback From Multiple Channel


Let your customers vet to you, not the world

As most of the customers are using a variety of social media platforms it is easy to get a huge engagement when sharing your reviews. SmartX software allows your guests to post their feedback on their social media accounts. With a customizable coupon management system, you can have your guests want to come back again and share their best experiences.

Increase 5-star Reviews Automatically

You can as well increase your positive reviews on Yelp and Google. SmartX digital customer experience management software offers a customizable UX system that can increase your guest satisfaction and restaurant’s overall sales.

Coupon Management System

This software is trusted by more than 2000 restaurants. It is one of the best tools to get real-time digital feedback and increase the social reach of your business.


Yes, we automatically allow those with positive feedbacks to share their 5-star experience across social media as well as enticing those customers to leave a 5-star on Google and Yelp for that specific location. This helps boost your social media ratings and bring in more first time visitors.

Through deep integration to SmartPOS, we pull all the data and rate each individual server to identify the best and worst performing individuals.

Currently we can integrate to NCR Aloha, Micros, PosiTouch and deep integrations to Milagro SmartPOS.

You can create unlimited campaigns to measure feedback for multiple arrays including in-store customer visits, online order visits, employee feedback, internal restaurant audits, you can even use it for hiring processes to ensure the new staff meet your standards.

Our CMS keeps track of every coupon given to each individual customer, when customer returns to the store to redeem that unique coupon code, the staff will enter the code on the POS system to redeem the code. We further analyze and report on all coupons outstanding, expired and redeemed.

Yes, you can create generic or unique coupon codes for marketing efforts out of Milagro platform and know exactly  how many people redeemed that coupon code, which specific customers and exactly how much revenue was generated using that coupon code.

SmartLOGIC is a powerful functionality that allows you to change the survey flow based on the responses the customer is getting in real time. This ensures that only relevant questions are being asked, for example, if someone had poor service, you can drill down to know why but if someone had excellent service, you just move on to the next question.  


SmartLOGIC also scores every question and allows you to weigh each question’s importance differently.