Online Ordering

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It is a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your restaurant to increase profit margins since it does not put much of an additional burden on your traditional brick-and-mortar location

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Increase sales through online orders.

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Allow customers to place orders at their table .


Split and pay check at the table.


Integrated Payment System.

Why Milagro's Online Ordering?

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There are a number of benefits that Milagro’s system offers. Its integrated operating system is connected to our other smart service and management systems. Oursoftware is easy to use. It has an integrated payment software that allows customers to order and pay in just minutes.

What Makes Milagro’s Online Ordering
The Best Choice?

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Stand-alone or Fully Integrated

Our ordering software is fully integrated into SmartPOS by Milagro. Therefore it eliminates the burden of double entry or having additional hardware on-site to accept internet orders. All the orders are being printed in the kitchen and added to daily sales automatically.

Adding online ordering without changing SmartPOS is very easy. You just need to sign up, create your menu, and receive internet orders! Share the link on your website, social media, and anywhere else to make it super easy to order.

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Pickup, Delivery, and Curbside

With the shifting trends towards curbside pickup, Milagro’s restaurant internet ordering allows the customer to place an order any which way it is convenient for them. Using Milagro’s cutting-edge software for restaurants allows the guest to notify the restaurant upon arrival through multi-channel notifications including phone call, text messages, or mobile app.

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Tableside Ordering & Payments

It allows guests to order at their table without a server and even split and pay from their table. The two biggest complaints among restaurant guests are having to wait for the server to place an order and wait to pay for their check. Milagro software fixed both of these issues! Your customers can have a pleasant and fast experience with Milagro’s internet software.

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Easy Menu Management

Milagro has taken the restaurant ordering system to a new level by allowing you to keep your menu centrally located among multiple locations. You can manage pricing for 1 or simultaneously 500 sites with a breeze. You do not need to manage multiple menus, hire additional resources, or waste your time managing two separate platforms. For example, you can create a Dine-In menu and use that same menu for your restaurant’s ordering. If you want to have the same menu as dine-in but with different pricing for ordering, you now can make your modification without ever creating an entirely new menu. Furthermore, when an item is marked out of stock at a specific location,  ordering automatically reflects that in real-time.

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Social Media Integration

Milagro’s restaurant system can be live on all social media platforms. You can simply copy a snippet and allow your customers to order across any social media.

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Customer Analytics

Milagro is best known for its incredible customer analytics that builds upon customers’ behavior. Milagro’s smart tools entice customers to spend more by making it easier to order. Through relevant, targeted, and individualized marketing, online ordering is no exception to this.


With all said, Milagro’s Restaurant Online Ordering provides the best solution for any restaurant that is considering adding additional revenues to their locations to achieve higher profit margins.


When an online order is received, a notification is sent to all tablets. Furthermore, you will see a list of all online orders along with their status on the login page.

This is a pending feature and will be added soon. This allows you to send a text or email to the customer when you change the status of the order to Ready for Pickup.

Currently the Online Ordering platform only integrates into Milagro SmartPOS. When an online order is received, it will automatically print in the kitchen and be added to your POS so staff do not have to manually enter each order. There is also no need for any additional printers or Tablet

Yes, if you run out of an item, you can simply mark it as Out of Stock and it will automatically become unavailable instantly online.

Yes, you can either use the same menu, create an entirely new menu or sub version an existing menu and change the items and prices to use for online ordering