Your very own

Restaurant App

Native apps for iOS and Android for best performance

Built-in Online Ordering

Built-in Wait List & Reservation

Built-in Loyalty and Gift Cards

Built-in location finder

When you have to create your own beautiful restaurant app to connect with your customers, we have the right solution waiting for you. Check out these powerful functionalities out of the box

Restaurant Mobile App

Find the nearest

restaurant around

Join Wait List

my Spot In Line

Make a reservation

View the beautiful

Check out | Payment

Modify Cart

Curb Side Pickup


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So you want your very own mobile app?

That is cool. let’s talk, we love showing off too

Beautiful and functional 5-star app by Milagro

Native iOS and Android app to optimize for best performance

Integrated Loyalty & Gift Cards

Built-in Online Ordering

hidden functionality, a marketing mastermind would use it to send push notifications

Of course a location finder


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build our apps?

Each platform, iOS, and Android would take about 4 weeks to complete but it would highly depend on your responsiveness.

Who will design the app?

We have full-time designers, developers and business analysts who will work with you to create the app from start to finish.

Every page of the app will be fully designed and wire-framed prior to development. This will ensure the end product is exactly as required and will speed up the development of the app.

What tech stack do you use?

We use the latest tech stack available from Apple and Android to build the native apps.

We do not build any non-native app. These are apps that use browsers but get installed. These apps dramatically limit the functionality and performance which leads to a negative user experience. 

Do you support Apple Pay, Google Pay?

Yes, within the app, the user can pay using any payment method they prefer including credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay to speed checkout

Who will maintain the app?

The app maintenance can be done by Milagro team or by your team. We will gladly maintain the app throughout its life cycle on your behalf by making updates as required by your team

Can the guest order & pay inside the restaurant from their table?

Absolutely. Everyone can order and pay at the table without even downloading the app but if the guest has the app, they can order and pay right from the app.

How does the payment processing work?

The payment processor that you use for your POS will be the same one used for the app. 

How does support work?

The end-user support will be done by your company but we will support you as our end user. So if there are any issues reported by your users, you will test and evaluate them, if it is something that needs to be escalated to us, you will do so and we will fix the issue.