Marketing Automation

Personalized Automated Marketing per customer

Stop tracking useless open rate and CTR

Actual ROI visibility for each campaign

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Need a competitive edge?

With Milagro’s Marketing Automation platform, you will get an edge over your competitors. Let your competitors continue mass-market blindly while you use technology to supercharge your marketing department. Create your campaign messages within Milagro, choose how often to communicate it, and more importantly which sub-set of users to communicate it to. Furthermore, instead of keeping track of useless open behavior, click-through ratios, keep track of what really matters, How much did the customer spend because of this communication?

Focus on what matters.

Be realistic, focus on what actually matters. Start with the end goal in mind and work your way backward. Most marketing goals are to increase sales, so doesn’t make sense to know exactly how much increase in sales you had? Which customers were responsible for sales increase? Which customers continuously engage with the campaigns?


Tracking email open rates, click-through ratio (CTR), and similar metrics are useless if it is not directly correlated to the sales and profitability of a campaign.

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Why Is This So

The effectiveness is actually common sense. Imagine that you have kids, love chicken, and live within a mile radius of a restaurant you visit once a month. If you receive the steak specials constantly, you aren’t going to engage, however, if you get a promotion for kids eat free or a new chicken dish introduction, you are highly likely to visit the restaurant.


Milagro’s Data Analytics Engine learns the behavior of every customer and targets them with relevant messages that they are highly likely to engage. Furthermore, with each engagement, Milagro improves the communication and learns what each person likes. Think of Milagro as your sole employee whose job is to treat each and all customers like a VIP.

How does it work?

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

The power of Milagro lies within its ability to gather all customer data automatically, sort, organize and get to know each customer. The more integrations the customer has with your brand, the smarter Milagro gets and more targeted with communication.

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Personalize every communication

No one enjoys spam, junk, or irrelevant content. As it is said in marketing, content is king. Every marketing message must be tailored to the user based on their behavioral analysis, purchase habits, and likes. This is why companies like Google and Facebook are extremely successful, they know what you want to buy based on your behavior, they simply nudge you to make that purchase through perfectly timed advertising.

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Track every interaction & engagement

Without knowing your customer, you are blindly wasting your time chasing after all customers with the same message, similarly, without tracking the success of each interaction, you will not know who to re-target. Tracking every engagement helps you know every customer better and it allows you to re-target them in future communication based on past behavior.

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Repeat the success

Over time, you will know your successful campaigns and your failures. Let your winners run their course and focus on why the failures happen so you can turn more of those failures into future success stories. The more winning horses you have in the race, the more races you are likely to win.


No. The module requires subscription to SmartPOS

No, you simply create all your marketing campaigns, i.e. kids eat free, define what target audience you are trying to reach, i.e. customers with kids, how often to send out the communication, i.e. every month, Communication method, i.e. email or text and click save. The campaigns are automatically sent out through a drip campaign regularly.

Milagro as a platform is designed from the ground up to be a data analytics engine. It gathers all the relevant information about each individual guest and uses this data to make smart and intelligent decisions. Furthermore, the full integration of our suite of products allows us to be extremely accurate unlike any of our competitors.

Milagro’s platform learns the behavior of each customer across the entire industry, therefore, it has access to a vast amount of data about each individual customer that is then shared among all subscribers to our system.

Milagro’s Marketing automation currently supports email, text and push notifications.

Currently there is a wait list for Marketing Automation. We are reviewing each request individually based on customer size, number of locations, amount of data and more. Please contact us to see if you qualify.