Easy to Use

Scan QR Code

Simply open the camera on your smart phone, point it to the QR code on the table.

View The Menu

View, filter and search the menu by specialty dishes all without even downloading an app.

Daily Specials

View the daily specials without having to ask the server to repeat it because they gave you 3 specials in 60 seconds!


Read reviews, leave reviews about every dish on the menu. Sort by highest rates items on the menu for the first time ever!


The menus in the restaurant industry have been the same since the dawn of restaurants, it has always been a piece of paper handed to the guest, mostly text, some pictures with no way to measure engagement, update on the fly, promote specials of the day and so on.

SmartMENUS™ is a digital menu built for the restaurants to elevate the guest experience by allowing guests to see pictures of every item, view daily specials, translate the menu to any language and read reviews of each entree on the menu.

For restaurant owners, SmartMENUS™ provides robust analytics to optimize the menu based on engagement, schedule automatic daily specials and sell more by showcasing pictures of menu items. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, showcase your menu with pictures.

For the Guest

Since the guest is the key, this is where we started, SmartMENUS™ enables the Guests to simply scan a QR code with their smartphones’ camera, without downloading an app, view pictures of all the menu items, view daily specials, read reviews on individual entrees, translate the menu and more.

For the Restaurant

The restaurant owners can create multiple menus, for example breakfast, lunch and dinner, schedule the menus so they show up automatically based on time of the day, create the Taco Tuesday specials and schedule it for every Tuesday from 11-5pm and forget it, improve the menu through analytics, promote special offers and new menu items just to name a few things.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Pictures are worth a thousand words ?  Add pictures to each menu item and entice the users to try new items and order because it looks incredible!

Standout by following the trend! Tag items as Antibiotics Free, Free Range Eggs, No sugar Dish and more to educate the guest

Language translations to remove the barrier of language when ordering

Gather reviews directly from your guests! Let them share and review your items to make it viral! Pictures alongs with a 5-star review, brings in more guests which means more sales & profits!

Ready to Start?

Sign up and get access instantly to your account. Your system is pre-configured and ready to start in minutes. If you have multiple locations and require a multi-location setup, contact us for more detail.

Loved and Trusted by 2000+ Restaurants

SmartMENUS makes it super simple to manage our menu for the guest, especially with COVID situation. Love the daily promotion feature!

Restaurant Owner

John Doe

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