Turn Customer Experience Management into a Profit Center

Easy to Use

Invite The Guest

Invite the guest through POS codes, email or your website to provide valuable feedback and share their experience


SmartLOGIC™ rotates the questions and drill down when needed to ask relevant questions, not ask the same questions from everyone!

Reward The Guest

Reward the guest based on their experience and allow them to share positive experience on social media

Track Coupon Redemption

Track the redemption of coupons, remind guests to come back and empower your staff with relevant data regardings the guests prior experience on the spot

What is SmartX™

The most important asset of any organization is the customers who pays them, when you have hiccups in operation and you provide no way for your guests to vet their poor experience, they take to social media which further damages your brand and gets you lower ratings. Through SmartX™ turn those unhappy guests into your most loyal guests, studies have shown that when someone is satisfied with a product, they are 30% likely to recommend it, if they are extremely happy, they are 60% likely to recommend it but if you surprise them, they are 90% likely to recommend you!

Our SmartLOGIC™ automatically drills deeper to learn the root cause of the problem, detects whether the guest had a poor or excellent experience and takes action accordingly.

With social media integration get more 5-star reviews by providing guests with excellent experience the option to share that experience across social media, write a 5-star review and more. On the other hand, a guest with poor experience will be treated through the HEAT method (Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Take Action) in order to bring them back. They will also be provided with a different offer in order to entice them to come back.

Point being, we treat your guests with the same common sense that you would treat them but we do that individually and at scale, something that would not be feasible due to lack of time.

SmartLOGIC™ and Scoring System


Use our innovative SmartLOGIC™ to intelligently ask questions based on the realtime feedback provided by the guest. SmartLOGIC’s intelligence starts with these simple yet powerful points.

  • Skip over questions that are irrelevant to the guest and drill down into more questions when required to drill deeper.
  • Be relevant even when it comes to coupons that are given to the guests based on their experience, reward the negative experiences with more enticing coupons to increase their chance of return.
  • highly automated personalized emails in response to negative feedback to make you look like a super hero in front of your guests.

Scoring System

  • Create your own scoring system and weight each question depending on its importance.
  • Proactively be notified when feedback is below the acceptable threshold.

Social Media Integration

  • Let your guest with positive experience share their feedback across social media.
  • Increase your positive reviews Yelp and Google.
  • Increase your likes (put facebook thumb icon) on Facebook and mentions on #Twitter.

Coupon Management System

  • Reward each guest with an optional coupon for providing you valuable feedback.
  • Track the status of unique coupons issues to every guest.
  • Increase sales by automatically sending coupon reminders to entice the guest to return.
  • Give your staff the power to treat those with poor prior experience like a VIP through smarter coupon system.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Instead of taking a few samples a month through mystery shoppers only, take an additional 10-15 samples a day directly from your guests, let them be the ones that provide you direct feedback on their experience.

SmartX™ supports both Guest Feedback as well as Mystery Shopper options, where you can use it for both; to learn the different perspectives from your everyday guest as well as a trained foodie.

Through direct feedback from your guests and impressive reporting from Milagro’s SmartX™ , analyze the areas that are common problems, find a solution and strive for a 100% perfect dining experience every time.

Report Card allows your managers to take charge of their restaurant, get insights on problem areas, even be given a to-do list directly from your SOP guide!

Server training is another area where most restaurants aren’t able to recognize their top performers and under performers, but no more. We even drill down and run analytics on individual servers to provide you a comprehensive list of those who can be role models for the under performers. Take the guessing game out and let the data drive your decisions by utilizing top performers to train others, re-train the under performers or terminate them if necessary.

Gather feedback directly from your loyal guests

Increasing guest satisfaction makes you more profitable

Gather more 5-star reviews from those who praise you using SmartLOGICTM

Integrate to social media so you can drive more traffic using your loyal customers

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Of course customer feedback is very important and we have been able to not only improve our customer experience by getting valuable feedback, we have also been able to increase sales through the built-in coupon system.

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