Milagro Cloud POS Systems at the Forefront of Innovative Restaurant Technologies

Milagro’s cloud POS software allows you to stay in control of your business no matter where you are. It’s everything in the cloud, whether you have one or a hundred locations.
October 18, 2021
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The capacity to keep up with the natural evolution of consumer habits and tastes is an important aspect of running a successful restaurant business. That’s why successful restaurateurs understand the need of investing in new technologies that can provide streamlined solutions that keep their customers engaged while also increasing earnings.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many restaurants were forced to fast-track their plans for technology upgrades. The necessity to increase online ordering capabilities and delivery/pick-up options became vital as many restaurants were compelled to close their dining rooms immediately.

Tech companies, on the other hand, were also rushed to meet this need and expand their offerings—with investors pouring millions of dollars into them. Milagro has been laser-focused on technologies that can assist their restaurant clients to get through the pandemic and prepare for what comes next for well over a year.

Cloud-based POS Systems Are Red Hot

Most face-to-face businesses used to save all of their point-of-sale (POS) data locally, including item prices and transaction records. In the case of major retail chains, this data would typically be stored on an on-site PC or server, or possibly on a server on a private company network.

However, as the majority of business tools are now available online, cloud-based point-of-sale systems have become the obvious step. Bye-bye to clumsy servers that stifle your productivity.

Milagro’s cloud POS software allows you to stay in control of your business no matter where you are. It’s everything in the cloud, whether you have one or a hundred locations.

Restaurant owners are enthralled by the stream of real-time data provided by Milagro cloud-based POS systems. Restaurant operators can act nearly instantaneously on the data, such as sending out promotions for slow-selling items, changing prep times, and much more.

The global cloud POS market is growing as companies and businesses improve their workplace productivity, efficiency, and dynamic decision-making capacity.

In 2020, the global cloud POS market was estimated to be worth $2.24 billion, with the SME segment accounting for the largest share. The global cloud POS market is expected to grow to $13.24 billion by 2028, according to Allied Market Research.

Hand-held ordering devices for servers are still popular

Because they are frequently utilized on mobile devices, cloud-based POS systems are sometimes referred to as POS applications (apps) rather than software. With contemporary handheld POS equipment, you can bring a point of sale to your customers wherever they are.

Increase staff mobility and guest convenience

Consider how often each waiter must walk from his or her table to the POS kiosk to greet customers, take and enter orders, add extra food or beverages, print the check, accept payment, and deliver a receipt.

That’s a lot of walking, and they might have to wait in line behind their coworkers who are using the POS as well.

Using a handheld POS device, servers may now perform all of these operations at the table. This increases your restaurant’s productivity while also giving your employees more opportunities to interact with customers.

Better loyalty programs

With handheld devices, customers can sign up for your loyalty programs more quickly and easily. Some restaurants report a 10X increase in loyalty sign-ups when using a handheld device to collect data.

Loyalty programs entice customers to return more frequently, spend more money, and become loyal regulars.

A better ROI

Finally, your investment in handheld POS devices (which typically have lower setup costs than traditional POS systems) will pay off; faster service, faster table turns, increased loyalty program engagement, and happier customers all lead to increased profits.

Point of Sale (POS) systems are essential for any successful restaurant, but having only one or two POS kiosks that every server must use for all of their tables can result in a slow and inefficient process that can harm your restaurant’s efficiency, profitability, and guest experience.

Consider using handheld POS devices to improve your service.

Loyalty programs put repeat business on autopilot.

In the United States, the average household participates in 29 loyalty programs. If you don’t provide a compelling cause for your customers to return, your competitors will.

A restaurant must constantly acquire new clients to grow its revenue and expand its operations. New customers have the potential to become repeat buyers or long-term clients.

Many restaurants provide loyalty programs to build customer loyalty to take advantage of every opportunity a business has to gain a new customer.

Milagro loyalty program features

Milagro cloud POS systems include a fully integrated loyalty program, which has numerous benefits for a business. Building long-term relationships with customers can help keep sales up. Sales are boosted by appealing rewards and long-term relationships.

The Milagro POS loyalty program feature helps business owners and operators manage their loyalty programs more effectively. It aids retailers in keeping track of their customers’ information by storing purchase histories.

Milagro’s restaurant loyalty app is unique in that it allows customers to sign up for the program right at the point of sale. It’s easy to use and there’s no need for guests to download an app.

More importantly, we want to refocus the attention of our guests and provide them with an amazing experience in exchange for being loyal customers.

A key feature of Milagro’s loyalty program is that it can pick the best customer of the month as VIPs and reward them with extra incentives and surprises based on their spending habits and preferences.

Unlike other systems, we offer the possibility of rewarding guests psychologically through status and specific advantages to gain their loyalty.

Even better, our advanced POS systems can automatically notify customers who are about to advance to the next tier. To summarize, POS that supports loyalty programs is beneficial and useful in ensuring the smooth and proper operation of loyalty programs.

Milagro Cloud POS is as Safe as it Gets

All data from cloud-based point-of-sale systems is stored in a highly secure cloud environment. Unless your POS app can run offline for a short period of time, in which case your smartphone retains changes until you reconnect, none of your data is normally saved on your devices.

After losing all of your hardware, you can still access the sales data and system by logging in on a new computer or mobile device. As your cloud POS provider, Milagro performs any software security upgrades that are necessary automatically. Visit us at to see all of our products.

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