Waiting Line Stress

The restaurant business is one of the hardest to manage. There are a number of responsibilities for owners and managers to handle, in order to get smooth operating processes. However, there still be issues and challenges related to service, ordering, waiting, and payment procedures. Especially during rush hours, it is way harder to organize all the required operations. This makes a cause for long and unwanted queues that make many customers leave, bringing a huge decrease in sales. Overall long waiting times have a negative impact on the restaurant business.

Recent studies show that restaurants have average waitlists of 6.6 hours per week, which is quite a big amount of time considering the overall operation hours of regular fast food or casual restaurants. Parties visiting restaurants at least spend half an hour in lines to get seats during rush hours. Survey results have shown that almost 93 percent of restaurants have at least some wait-time periods, and 30 percent of the restaurants report that waits are usually getting longer. Though this is a big and visible problem that causes management and sales issues, most of the restaurants have not yet found ways to effectively engage customers during the valuable time spent waiting in their establishments. When thinking of resolving this issue two possible solutions come into a mind. First is to involve customers into some kind of pleasant activity that will make them spend the wait time with a higher interest and the second is to integrate a smart waitlist system into restaurant waitlists and reservation processes to allow guests to register into waitlists and reserve tables before visiting the restaurant. These ideas make some restaurants change their waitlists’ strategy. The studies show that the second option is more attractive and works better. Thus, many restaurants start to use automated management systems that allow to organize and administrate the whole process of restaurant operation in a single platform which also corrects and improves waiting lines and time.

No More Waiting Lines

Milagro AI-powered restaurant management software contains all the necessary smart tools for designing, organizing, and implementing your restaurant’s workflow. SmartWAIT™ Restaurant Waitlist App takes the lead role within this system. This app allows your guests to join the list remotely and make reservations anytime. You can as well add guests to waitlists anytime needed. Your customers will get notified via text message when they join the list and when their table is ready. This amazing table management system helps to decrease queues and increase the guest satisfaction level. It will help to completely get rid of queues near the entrance of your restaurant. Customers also appreciate smart solutions that let them shorten their lunch or dinner time. These advantages surely will bring to bigger awareness of your restaurant letting you have more loyal customers.


Get Full Analytics of Waitlist Processes

Another important advantage of SmartWAIT™ restaurant waitlist management software is that it counts all the data collected from table reservations, waitlists’ numbers and frequencies, and so on. This unique analytics solution helps restaurant managers and owners to organize better processes and improve operations. You can get full table analytics on the table turns, average guest dining time, average wait time, and use this data to configure your layout. If for example, the majority of your guests visit your restaurant by four people, then you can make fewer tables for 6 people or more. Thus, the analytics section of the SmartWAIT™ waitlist management system allows us to learn the data, adapt operations, and make more money. This unique tool within the SmartWAIT™ waitlist management software is fully integrated into the app and works 24/7 providing essential data for having even more perfect waitlists strategies.

SmartWAIT™ is Easy to Use

Restaurant managers and staff members can run the SmartWAIT™ waitlist management app entirely on the iPad. This allows the entire mobility of staff. This factor is very important to consider as most of the restaurant staff are always on a move. Your guests don’t even need to download an app for joining waiting lists. The SmartWAIT™ restaurant waitlist management software makes it as fast as possible to organize and manage waitlists and table reservations. Customers simply need to online check-in, indicate the time of arrival, and reserve a table. this process is made very easy to complete that it will surely be loved by guests as they will no more have to stand in lines to enjoy their dinner.

This smart provided by Milagro AI-powered restaurant management software is a great choice to decrease the waiting line and table reservation stress. It surely will let you run your restaurant’s processes faster and more efficiently and increase sales.

SmartWAIT™ waitlist app is loved and trusted by more than 2000 restaurants.

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