The restaurant business is one of the hardest to manage. It has many challenges that owners face. Staying up to date with market trends is becoming even more difficult as many new creative management solutions appear. One of the recent advanced service operation tools that attract huge attention in both customers and owners is QR Code digital menu.


Why Use QR Code Digital Menus


QR Code Digital Menus has many advantages that help to grow your business. Let’s discuss some of them below.


1. Timing


Timing is a key factor in restaurant service operation. Statistically, the waiters spend most of their time registering the orders. During rush hours, customers have to wait for waiters for a longer time. Meanwhile, having QR codes in your restaurant you eliminate this one huge service step.

Customers simply need to use their mobile devices to order. Waiters now only serve the food. It makes your restaurant operate faster and smoother.


2. Easy to Use


QR Code Digital Menus are well-designed and very easy to use. Alike other websites or applications, customers need to check the visuals on their devices to make a choice. After scanning the code they get the digital menu with all the dish info and ingredients. It takes less time to filter the menu, order, and make a payment as all the operations are being conducted in one place.

Owners can easily set up new menus and have multiple menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It takes minutes to update the digital menu, as you don’t face printing challenges.


3. Menu Analytics


Using QR Code Digital Menus you can now get familiar with your customers’ tastes and menu engagement. Most viewed dishes will become top priorities in your analytics list.

This tool will help to adapt, filter, and update your menu items. Customers will tend to leave more reviews as now they have an all in one place online platform.


4. Increase Sales and Revenue


QR Code Digital Menus let customers feel free and spend more time choosing a dish. Having menu stats restaurant owners can set dishes with high ratings on the top of each section. This increases the percentage of sales.

QR Code Digital Menus also increase the revenue with no extra costs. Many restaurants use different types of advertising to promote specials and events. Most of the Digital Menus provide promotion opportunities included in service.


5. Create Online Promotions


Online promotions play a huge role in boosting any business. Most of the restaurant owners use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads to attract more customers. Having digital menus in your restaurant you can place an ad of any event or specials inside your menu.

As you have the stats now you can learn your audience better. This will let to plan and run targeted promotions.
These are only some of the very well visible advantages of QR Code Digital Menus.


Which QR Code Digital Menus You Should Go For


There are many QR code digital menus providing companies. It is a booming concept that allows customers to register their orders by a few steps. They only need to scan the QR code on their table to view the menu and order their desired dish. On the other hand, it helps the owners to produce better service and sales results.

We have as well listed out some of the most popular QR Code Digital Menu providers:




One of the big names in the digital QR menu providing industry is Bonee. It is one of the first and biggest in the market. Bonee has many advantages. It provides QR menu services for inside the restaurant and takeaway services. Yet, the most visible disadvantage of this service is the operating difficulty.

There are many sectors in the Bonee system, that could be better designed to be easier to utilize by the restaurant owners.




Another well-known QR digital menu provider is uQR.me. This company integrated a completely different operating style. By scanning the QR code provided by uQR.me you get a pdf or image menu. Restaurant owners as well upload either photos or pdf files in their menu.

This generates a need for extra steps to update any information within the menu.


Quick Orders


Quick Orders provide QR menu options for restaurants, hotel, swimming pools, and even larger public services. Meanwhile, their website and menu app are both full of bugs and can’t get all 25 languages to work.




Milagro is an AI-powered digital QR menu provider that offers an all-in-one ordering system. Restaurant owners can upload and update their menus any time they want. Milagro digital QR menus offer online menu stats and analytics. Using this service you can create online promotions and increase the auxiliary sales and revenue of your restaurant. Milagro digital QR menus are cost-efficient compared with other services.

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