The way we do marketing has drastically changed just in the past few years. The mass marketing world is getting complicated, transforming, reinventing itself. We have an infinite number of brands, services, products, tools, and mediums. Marketers have realized that it’s impossible to please everyone in a large market with a singular product or service. Thanks to the technological revolution, it’s now easier and more cost-effective than ever for companies to get to know their customers’ behavior, expectations, and preferences. 



As it is essential for your customers to get to know your product and brand, it is equally important for you to target your audience, understand their motivation behind the decision-making process and needs. When you get to know your customers well, you are ready to deliver your marketing message properly. 



Psychographic characteristics are essential as they provide a much narrower and targeted description of your customer. Psychographics help the companies to get to know their customers and create groups based on their lifestyle, favorite activities, interests, likes, and dislikes.



What is Psychographics?



Psychographics is the study of a consumer’s qualitative characteristics, such as their interests, activities, opinions, lifestyle, and behavior. You learn the real motivation behind their buying decisions as well as why people choose your brand. After combining all the information about a person’s lifestyle, you can create their psychographic profile. A psychographic profile is a unique description of the behavior, habits, and interests of a person or group created by an organization. For instance, a person’s psychographic profile may show that he enjoys a passive lifestyle, likes indoor activities, purchases low-priced items and spends a lot of time on social media. It helps marketers to better understand customer requirements and necessities and then make better decisions to improve customer satisfaction. 



blog-element-mass-marketing-deadPsychographics vs Demographics



While psychographics is more about their lifestyle choice and personal preferences, demographics are based on various variables, such as age, gender,  income, marital status, and other physical characteristics. 


It’s been said that demographics helps you understand who your customer is, while psychographic data allows you to learn why they’ve chosen you.


Psychographics can vary from someone who prefers fast food to someone who likes healthy food. To better understand your customers and build their psychographic profile you should use AIO variables, namely interests, activities, and opinions.




blog-element-mass-marketing-deadAIO – activities, interests, and opinions


To analyze customers’ lifestyles properly you should understand AIO components. Marketers use the AIO method to better understand the needs, attitudes, motives, and perceptions of their customers. Here we will discuss these components with examples:


Which are the main activities of your customers and how they spend their time and money on these activities? 

The way a person spends his time and carries out his work tells a lot about his nature and behavior. When we meet a businessman who is also involved in a football club and attends piano courses, then we can consider him a highly active person. Whereas if we got to know a freelancer who enjoys indoor activities, such as playing computer shooting games and watch TV series, then we have someone who is not likely to head out of the home on his weekends and you should consider offering him delivery service. There is a huge difference between these two individuals, therefore we can generate two different profiles based on their daily activities. Activities include leisure activities, work, social events, entertainment, social communities, club membership, vacations of consumers. Discovering customers’ daily routine inform marketers about what they do and how they are likely to spend their time and money. 



What is your consumer interested in? 


Interests are the next level of understanding psychographics.  A person’s interests reveal actions, thoughts, and ideas that drive their passions. Is he interested in photography, blogging, fashion, football, coin collecting, or the latest technologies? A consumer may have multiple interests, like someone may like to go out and see movies, on the other hand, another person may like to watch live sports for entertainment. A mother of four children may note cooking, family, children, toys, crafts as her interest while taking a survey. If you have a customer, who is a back-end developer and is interested in video games, you should make a decision to send them fast food promo emails. This is an important factor for a marketer to decide what is the next thing your customer will be looking for. 



What is your customers’ opinion about different issues, people, products, etc?


Customers’ opinion is one of the topmost factors affecting the rise or fall of a brand. Their opinions may be related to politics, social issues, themselves, business, education, products, economics, social event, etc.  If you found out that a person is very much attached to a vegetarian lifestyle, but your promotional campaign involves information about your restaurant’s new meat dishes, then this person can’t be considered your customer. 


Psychographics enables you to get into the head of your customers and develop a long-term relationship with them. Once you have all the necessary data, apply it to your website, email promotions, landing pages, ads to create a perfect experience for your customers. 


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