A new virus called COVID-19 shocked the world in 2020 and has become a game of chance for mankind and a major threat to the economy. Since the first coronavirus case in the U.S. was confirmed this February, we have noticed a great impact of COVID 19 on restaurants and food businesses across the country. In a matter of a month, thousands of fine dining restaurants, fast-food chains, cafés, eateries, and bars have temporarily shuttled their doors for an unspecified period of time to prevent coronavirus spreading. 


Closing the “normal” gastronomy industry and reducing it to delivery only, the main source of revenue for restaurants has been lost. According to the National Restaurant Association’s new research, the restaurant and foodservice industry has lost $25 billion, the sales have decreased to 50% of what they were before COVID-19 and over 3 million employees working in the food industry have lost their job. 


Milagro_blog-article Gavin Newsom’s speech: ‘New normal’ for restaurants

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, announced that they consider reopening restaurants, fast-food chains, and eateries across the state, but hasn’t mentioned the official timetable yet. Newsom talked about what the “new normal” for restaurants will look like. To encourage continued physical distancing, restaurants should allow only a certain number of people inside. The restaurants should provide their staff members with gloves and masks, as has already been mandated for essential staff in Los Angeles City, and other changes could become normal, including temperature checks at the door and single-use menus to prevent unnecessary contact amongst patrons.

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Milagro_blog-article Impact of COVID 19 on the restaurant – a new reality: What will it look like?


Are you ready to face new challenges after reopening your restaurant? Recovery won’t happen overnight and will visibly be a challenge for all US restaurants. In the future, COVID 19 will have a big impact on restaurants where safety is the clients’ number one concern.  People are used to social distancing, and they will keep a safe distance from others and avoid gathering spaces for a while even after COVID-19. Restaurants will have much more demanding customers in terms of their perception of safety, cleanliness, and overall quality. 


After COVID-19, it will take a lot of time for restaurants to gain the customers’ trust back. While a lot of loyal customers will celebrate the reopening of their favorite restaurant and return to normal dining-out routines,  about 1/3 of Americans will be careful and wait for some period of time, while the final 1/3 may not return to restaurants for a long time. Excited and satisfied guests bring in 23 percent more profits. In the 21st century, customers are more sensitive to innovations and technological solutions that make their interactions with your restaurant easier and faster. Moreover, after the restaurants reopening they will need to make sure they are safe and sound. 


Milagro_blog-article How to minimize the impact of COVID 19 on your restaurant?


So how should restaurants overcome this crisis and bring back lost customers and get them to come back again and again? 


SmartMENUS™ is your helping hand


If the value of technology was ever called into question before the COVID-19 pandemic, its importance is no longer in doubt.


SmartMENUS™ is a digital menu allowing guests to watch menu items on their phone, order dishes without human contacts, and read reviews of each entrée without asking the waiter for advice. Introducing our digital menu to customers is an indication of innovation and personal attitude to clients.


So what’s the power of SmartMENUS™?


Prevent unnecessary contact amongst the waiter and clients


Though waiters will be wearing gloves and masks, there’s always a risk of catching the virus. Investing in SmartMENUS™, you can show your products on your customers’ own smartphones,  transmit special offers to customers through screens, and allow them to make the decision faster possible. 


Decrease the use of paper menus


According to researches, the COVID-19 can live for hours to days on surfaces like paper and card. Consequently, your restaurant guests can catch the virus if they touch a surface of the paper menu that has the virus on it.  SmartMENUS™ will prevent people from catching the virus allowing them to use their smartphones, scan the QR code, and watch the restaurant menu without having to touch other surfaces. 

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