Restaurant menus have been the same for the past century and no one has taken any action to really modernize it, but now as the COVID-19 situation is forcing everyone to adopt new technology, a lot of restaurants are searching for electronic menus to replace paper menus. SmartMENUS by Milagro is not just an electronic menu for your restaurant, it helps you do more.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of SmartMENUS vs a normal restaurant electronic menus

Restaurant QR Code E-Menu

If you are a fast causal or fine dining restaurant with seating area that your customers are traditionally used to ordering from the menu through a server, you will now be able to change your menu to an electronic menu by placing a QR code on every table in your restaurant, allowing the guest to browse the entire menu with pictures, read reviews, sort and filter by favorites, specials, even place an order and pay for their check without even downloading an app.

Restaurant electronic menus are going to become the standard menu of choice for restaurant and customers. It is much more convenient, allows you to view pictures of every item, sort the menu, place orders and even pay for the check without having to wait for a server. Two of the biggest complaint in the restaurant industry is waiting for server to place the order and waiting to pay for the check. SmartMENUS solves both problems

SmartMenu with pictures of items

We all know that pictures sell, people first buy by sense of vision, then smell and taste, however, a lot of restaurant do not invest enough time to create pictures of every dish the menu and show case pictures. It is very hard to make a paper menu with pictures of every item. Having rotational menu items makes it even more expensive to print and change menus. With SmartMENUS,  you are able to change your menu real-time, just by simply uploading the new item and clicking save. Best of all, the menu item automatically updates in the POS system too.

Item out of stock? Just simply mark it out of stock from the POS system and it will automatically be marked out of stock on SmartMENUS, that simple. Restaurant electronic menus will continue to gain more ground and restaurant will be required to have some sort of an electronic menu in these times in order to build trust and reduce contact to make the guest feel more comfortable.

Ability to sort and filter the items

Another great advantage of a restaurant electronic menu is the ability to tag an item as favorites, chef special, spicy, allergy aware and update the menu real-time. This allows your customers to sort through the menu and quickly find what they are looking for, engage with your menu and increase the average check size.

Having allergy information, nutritional facts and prep time on your menu, now allows you to look after your guests and inform them as to what they are ordering and save lives and reduce risk if someone is allergic to a specific part of the dish.

Promotion Engine

SmartMENUS has a built-in promotion engine that takes the restaurant electronic menu to the next level by allowing you to create specials of the day and promotion, schedule them, and forget about it. Taco Tuesday? Just schedule it for every Tuesday and when your guest scan the QR code, they will see the popup with the promotional item every Tuesday.

Ability to promote and create daily specials or happy hour will increase your average check by showcasing it directly on your menu in an interactive and attention grabbing way.

Know how your customers interact with your electronic menu, how long do they spend viewing the menu, what items are viewed the most, how long does the guest spend viewing the menu and more. Analytics can be extremely powerful in creating a 5-star menu that has highly sough after dishes. Ever been to a restaurant that every dish is just as good as the next one? Create your own 5-star menu through analytics, reviews and feedback directly from your customers

Read Review, Leave Reviews, and share across social media

Now-a-days everyone is on social media and share everything. Empower your customers to leave reviews for your items and share those across social media to help you create more brand awareness. Take it to the next level by creating brand ambassadors that help you create buzz about your restaurant.

About SmartMENUS

SmartMENUS is a fully electronic menu built for the restaurants and make it easier for the customers to view the menu electronically. The guest scans the QR code, browse the entire menu with pictures, reads and leaves reviews for an individual item, shares it across social media, places an order and even pays for their check right from their smartphone, without even downloading an app.

For restaurant owners, SmartMENUS help you showcase pictures of every item, sell more through visual sense, schedule promotions, analyze the engagement of your customers with the menu in order to improve your menu and reduce customer complaints by allowing the customer to place order and pay for their check while increasing sales by turning tables over faster. Sign up for a free trial today here.

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