Will you adopt or give up?

Running a business is getting more difficult, let alone operating a restaurant, the most lagging industry to adopt the technology. Software is changing the restaurant industry whether you are up for the challenge or not. In the past two decades, your entire life has already changed, you have transitioned to high-speed internet everywhere and then you changed the computing industry starting with the iPhone. The next change is the digital transformation phase, everything analog and paper will shift to a digital phase.

The big companies have already adopted and some have even built their companies based on such future digital transformations, including Milagro. Here are a few ways that you are running your restaurant into the ground.

You are ignoring data

Yes, you are ignoring the data set. Restaurants are a high transaction business but almost all restaurants are implementing solutions that are independent of the transaction data. Let’s go through some facts and examples.

Richard is your customer and here is his experience dealing with your brand and what you know about him. Let’s lay out the facts about the industry

  • 20% of all customers are loyalty members
  • You are using any POS system except Milagro’s POS
  • You are using online ordering software for restaurants
  • You are using a Customer Experience Management software
  • You are using an Email Marketing Platform
  • You are using a Loyalty Software integrated to your POS software

Aloha or Micros POS Systems

Yes, you have the antiquated NCR / Aloha or Micros system still running in your restaurants. The POS has always been there to just count the beans, keep track of transactions, and nothing more. It has always been a cost center to any restaurant but an essential one.

Then comes along the Tablet POS companies, they copied the old solutions and made it tablet compatible but still missed the point, POS is a transaction between a customer and business.

Now you have a customer, Richard, who came into your restaurant and you learned nothing about him without you running a series of reports.

Customer Experience Management

Richard was invited to give his feedback, and he does so but now the Customer Experience Management is not integrated into your POS so there is no way for you to know what Richard ordered, again unless you manually dig into the data and look up the transaction for that day, let’s face it, no one does it, we are all lacking for time.

Now, we have a Richard who spent some money, provided some feedback, received a promo offer to redeem in exchange for providing that feedback but the customer experience management software does not have a way to track whether he redeemed it or not. Furthermore, if he did redeem, there is no way to know the ROI of that offer.

Online Ordering Software for Restaurants

A week later, Richard places an order online but the online ordering software does not integrate into the other parts of the restaurant so there is no way to know that this was the same Richard as the one who dinned in a week ago and provided feedback.

Email Marketing Platform

At this stage, you have an email for Richard and you join him in your email marketing program in order to send him some random emails such as kids eat free, beef specials, and similar offers. Of course, you have no idea who Richard is so you are just shooting in the dark and hoping that you get somewhere. Businesses are not built on hope, they are built on data.

Furthermore, you magically get lucky and Richard responds to one of your emails before the irrelevant content forces him to unsubscribe. But of course, you have no way to track whether it was Richard who redeemed the offer since you have no way to integrate the antiquated Aloha POS software into your shiny email marketing platform.

Loyalty Program for Restaurants

Now you have Richard join your loyalty program and capture his email and birthday so you can individually target him once a year, on his birthday but the other 364 days, you continue with your irrelevant marketing. Furthermore, you have no previous history of Richard. This is absurd, you may as well close the doors and save yourself the headache of operating a restaurant.

What is the point?

Using non-integrated solutions as described above is the enemy of your business. With Milagro’s solutions, we start from day one and build an automatic profile of 98% of every customer regardless of them being a loyalty member or not. If at best case, someone like Starbucks has 30% of their customers in their loyalty program, why would you ignore the other 70%?

The moment Richard Parker visits the restaurant, we build his profile, once he provides feedback, we already know it was Richard Parker, we know the entire transaction data which is displayed in the feedback form even being able to specifically ask questions about items he ordered. Once Richard Parker places the online order, the transaction is automatically updated on his profile and we are already building behavior of his likes and dislikes in order to use that data to effectively and individually market to him. By the time he gets the email along with his coupon, we are actively looking for him to return to the restaurant and redeem his coupon. Once that coupon is redeemed, Milagro’s platform is automatically updated in real-time.

The decision is clear, technology is changing the restaurant industry, you can adapt and put your competitors out of business or they will do the same to you by using the power of technology built within the Milagro’s marketing platform.

About Milagro

Milagro’s entire platform is built with one goal in mind, the guest of the restaurants. We automatically build a profile of every guest, track their spending history and frequency to effectively and individually market to each guest. Our marketing platform is powered by robust Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to learn and become more effective as time goes on.

Milagro’s software solutions including POS software, customer experience management, restaurant online ordering and automated ai marketing software.

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