SmartMENUS – Tableside options to view menu, promotions and order without a server

The world has drastically changed, in fact you can almost draw a straight line before COVID-19 and after. Never-the-less the world continues to move forward and we must adapt and find ways to deal with the new reality. SmartMENUS is now on the fore-front of menus for restaurants to make it much more effective. Release in Jan 2018, the goal of SmartMENUS was to allow the guest to view the menu with pictures of every item and translate the menu to any language. Today, SmartMENUS for restaurants has taken a new direction with more features added. The restaurant guest can now simply use their smartphone’s camera and point it to the QR code on the table, on the door or anywhere else, pull up the entire restaurant menu on their own device without every laying hands on a physical menu. As California governor mentioned in his speech, the restaurant space will change even after the corona virus is gone. The restaurant server may be wearing gloves, masks and menus be disposable.

Restaurant Electronic Menus on Smartphones

The menus in the restaurant space has been the same ever since the beginning, a piece of paper, sometimes fancy and sometimes disposable, with text all over it and sometimes, few pictures here and there. To Milagro’s team, this space was ready for a revolution and that is why SmartMENUS by Milagro was built. It was not designed to simply take the text menu and making it electronic but to provide more power to the guest and the restaurant owners.

Problems with Restaurant Paper Menus

There are many problems with paper menus on both fronts, the guest at the restaurant and also the restaurant owner. Here we will review some of the problems

Lack of real-estate to show case pictures

This is one of the major limitations of paper menus, you do not want to hand out a novel to every customer who walks in the door. Somehow, Cheesecake Factory has been doing this for a very long time, giving a book to every customer to browse their 30+ page of menu. Even with a 30+ page menu, you cannot put the picture of every menu on there, everyone has heard the expression that picture is worth a thousand words, but every restaurant fails to showcase their beautiful dishes.

Because SmartMENUS is electronic restaurant menu, you can add multiple pictures of every item if desired so that you can entice the guest to order with their eyes and venture out of their comfort zone and try new dishes because it looks really good.

Sell more desserts and specialty items by featuring those items with pictures. We all know pictures sells, so start selling your menu items with beautiful and delicious pictures.

Restaurant Paper Menus are static

This is the next biggest hurdle, paper menus are static and expensive to keep changing them. Imagine if you had a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, now your problems are tripled! This limits you by not being able to change your menu and adapt to the guests behavior because you do not want to re-print the menus and distribute them across many locations.

SmartMENUS is the electronic way to control your menu, that means you can change your menu as often as you want to. All updates are real-time, so you can add or remove items and it will update right away for all or half of your locations.

Promotional fliers in paper menus

Imagine you are trying to run a menu special, you hand out the 30 page menu to your guests and then hand them a 2 page “specials” of the day menu on top of that as if the guest did not have enough options to choose from.

SmartMENUS automates the specials and promotions of the day. Simply create your specials, schedule them for one or multiple locations and forget about it. Every time a guest scans the QR code during those “special times” they will see a popup with your specials. So now you can change your specials every day if you want, you can create a daily special for every day of the week, set it and forget it, it will repeat every week without you ever printing any special menus.

No analytics on restaurant paper menus

Imagine trying to figure out what item your guests are viewing the most and what they actually order. This is impossible when you have paper menus, there is no way to measure the guest behavior and how they interact with your menu.

SmartMENUS solved this problem too, just like you measure your sales, we measure every interaction of the guest with your menu. Where do they spend most of their time, how long do they spend browsing the menu, what are the lowest rated items, what are the highest rated items and more. This helps you better understand your menu and improve it so after 6 months, you have a killer 5-star menu!

Guests cannot order nor pay from a paper menu

Paper menus just aren’t the ideal choice anymore, we have highlighted many of their problems but another big complaints that restaurant guests have is not being able to order food in time and not being able to pay their bill and leave. These are the two biggest complaints of any restaurant guest.

SmartMENUS has solved both of these problems! Your guests can browse the menu, see the beautiful pictures and when they see something they like, they can even order it! This resolves problem number 1. Then when they are done, no need to wait for the server to pay for their meal, they can easily pay for their check and leave.

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