If you’re looking for business growth in 2020, your customer experience will have to outdo the competition. It means elevating your customer experience management through both traditional marketing and leading-edge data collaboration.

Yes – you have a great brand – and you have great products – and you have got great prices. But – unless your customer experience is just as great, you’re going to have a tough time getting ahead of the competition as you move through 2020.

Understanding the Customer Experience (CX)

These days, Customer Experience (sometimes referred to as CX) has become a focus for many businesses. For retailers and restaurants, as an example, it’s an important focus for distinguishing a brand amongst the competition.

Because every business entails a “customer journey”, it’s critical to understand the complexities of that journey. That’s where customer experience management comes into play – and it’s key to upgrading the CX dynamic.

Clearly, your customer is the King (or Queen)

In businesses across America, customers are seeking a positive and uplifting “experience”. This is very relevant in the restaurant industry, and therefore incumbent on restaurant owners to better understand their customers and satiate their needs.

Today, it’s all about elevating the Customer Experience – and that means using proven restaurant marketing solutions and committing to restaurant management software. Upgrading CX is about following a step-by-step process.

1. Developing a viable strategy

When you understand customer aspirations, you can implement an action plan to satisfy those aspirations. In a restaurant environment, what exactly do your customers want in customer experience? When you address that question fully, you can articulate your goals going forward.

2. Closely monitoring the staff

In-house staff is at the forefront of customer contact. With a well-defined customer experience strategy, everyone must be on board, and everyone must carry out the “mandate”. Follow up is required to ensure that everyone is performing at the high standard expressed in the strategy.

3. Consistent communication

For restaurant operators, in particular, internal communications must focus on CX as much as it does on operations. Everyone must understand the CX strategy and commit to implementation. The topic of the day is “satisfying patrons” – and that includes everyone from top to bottom.

4. Getting into the “trenches”

In any business that focuses on customer service, senior managers would be wise to get into the “trenches” from time to time. It’s a great opportunity to “roll up sleeves” and fully engage in the customer experience. This is a win-win exercise with advantages for both staff and customers.

5. Listening to the customer

In 2020, no business is above social media. With restaurants, it’s no wonder that online customer reactions proliferate. Good comments and bad comments must be dealt with head-on. Customers appreciate being heard and value management actions that realistically address their concerns.

Elevated Customer Experience means profit


Restaurant owners considering restaurant marketing solutions to enhance their CX would be wise to commit to restaurant management software for success. With high-tech solutions like SmartX™ and SmartLOGIC™, restaurants can significantly elevate their customer experience.

AIn the world of social media, happy and unhappy customers can both be acknowledged with restaurant customer survey software. With SmartLOGIC™, business owners can drill deep into their customer habits, needs, and aspirations. It’s the key to taking action and improving CX.

MILAGRO has introduced hundreds of restaurants to SmartX™ and SmartLOGIC™ technology, and with superb results. In the same way that you treat your customers one-on-one, MILAGRO scales up that treatment, but without overlooking the individuality of each unique, valuable customer.

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