Hi NCR Aloha user. Do you hate NCR Aloha just like everyone else? Everyone we know who uses NCR Aloha is always complaining and hates them, most with a deep passion, but it is surprising that they are still using them, we want to know why, why are you still using them if you hate them so much?

We all have been there, NCR Aloha ridiculous hardware fees, server keys, software license fee, support fee, table service fee and then quick service fee, it is a never ending battle, it seems like NCR Aloha is just out there to put you out of business. You owe it to your employees to stand up, break the chain and look for a better solution! It is your obligation to improve your business and provide the right tools to your staff in order for them to perform at 100% efficiency. High efficiency is never associated with an outdated system such as NCR Aloha. There are so many reasons why you should not be using NCR Aloha and we are going to discuss some of the major ones.

NCR Aloha does not provide you the meta data needed to run a successful business

Let’s face it, competition is getting more fierce, only those who are relevant stay in business and those who cannot effectively market to their end guest and engage with them will eventually lose to those who can. This is just human evolution, survival of the strongest, fittest and yes, smartest.

So you ask, what is wrong with Aloha here? Well to put it strongly, the mom & pop shop using Square POS knows more about their guest than you, using NCR Aloha. The sad part is that you spent $4,000 per terminal and the Square guy spent $1,000. Square has some metrics that shows the habit history of a guest but Aloha can never do that. Making a change is painful, but if you don’t make the change, prepare to close the doors because your competition is making changes to stay relevant, they are working smarter, survival of the smartest.

NCR Aloha is expensive

When opening a new location or starting a business, you want to invest money and not burn money. There is a clear difference, investing money has a ROI and burning money, well, good luck. When you purchase a new NCR Aloha, in our mind, you are burning money instead of investing money. A great POS system, of course our SmartPOS by Milagro is your most valuable investment you will make in your business.

Naturally you are asking, why is SmartPOS by Milagro better? Well, we count the beans just like NCR Aloha does, but we are also much cheaper, our goal is not to make money on hardware, we make our money by investing in your operation and your success makes us money long term.

Support fees draining your cash flow?

So you’ve bought the expensive and useless NCR Aloha system, you paid a premium to have it installed and 6 months later, you need a software upgrade, or you need support, who are you going to call? The expensive service contract and hourly rates of $200/hour is just insane! To add salt to the wound, if you bought the software, why do you have to keep paying for the upgrades?

Back office PC crashed? SOS

Well it is unrealistic to have a backup BOH just in case the one you have crashes, get a virus or has a hardware failure. The more locations you have, the more chances of you dealing with this situation more frequently. NCR Aloha users are all too familiar with this disaster, BOH is not powering up, so all of the terminals are down, so the next best thing is offline mode, what?! Well it is better than closing the doors, yes that is true but we cannot process payments using credit cards, we cannot receive online orders and and and…

Stop the madness! Why would you ever put your business at such a risk?! This is an unnecessary risk that no business owner must ever expose their employees, business or themselves to. Because we have seen the nightmare, when we built SmartPOS by Milagro, we removed the BOH entirely, so even if one of your tablets burns, the others will work just fine as if nothing happened. Then you ask, what if my internet goes down, we thought of that too, we provide a 100% up-time for that too through our SmartCONNECT technology.

Internet down, I cannot process payments, no online orders!

Every business owner deals with this at least 4 to 5 times a year! Now-a-days internet is so important to a business, that when you have outages, your operations grinds to a halt, you have to process payments offline, again taking risks you should not be, losing on online orders, losing on phone order if your phones are VoIP, adding stress to your staff and the list goes on. To no surprise, we thought of this too and with SmartPOS by Milagro, this will never happen.


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